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MLM Leads

Why You Should Never Buy MLM Leads

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy MLM Leads Online

Network marketing leads are the life blood of your business.  And without a steady flow of new people to talk to about your products and services can bring your business to a steady halt.

That may explain why you are reading this article right now.  Are you contemplating purchasing MLM leads from a lead generating company?

If so, please continue reading further because I am sharing with you 10 reasons why you should never buy MLM leads and how you can get your own leads without paying for a single ad.

Before I get start lets talk about it.

Never Buy MLM Leads

What are MLM Leads?

Multi-level marketing leads are potential customers who may be interested in partnering with network marketing companies. These people can be found in many different ways such as attracting leads with attraction marketing strategies, paid marketing, social media marketing, video marketing marketing, content marketing and any other online marketing strategy that will produce MLM leads.

There is a step by step strategy to get customers for your home based business and I teach these exact strategies on my YouTube channel.

You should be looking at ways to get more people to talk to about your home business.  If you don’t have a steady stream of interested customers to talk to you may find your business dying by the waste side.

You need to meet new people every single day when you are partnered with a multi-level marketing business.  The marketing strategies that we use are very much the opposite from multi-billion dollar corporation.  We rely on face to face marketing .

home business tips for network marketing growth

Are You Buying MLM Leads?

I have a question to ask you, are you purchasing leads or are you using any of the marketing strategies above to generated your own.  Let me tell you, the best customers to attract are the ones that you market to not the lead generating companies.  If you have no idea where to start learning about building your business using the internet then that’s what I am here for.

I use video marketing to help my business grow on YouTube and I attract people to me.  If you are not growing your business in this manner then you will find yourself constantly sorting through leads.

One of the pros to marketing my business is that I attract target leads that are following me and consuming my content.

This is the direction you should take your business if you want to increase your conversion rate.  From my experience I product more sales from people that consume my content verses when I randomly met people at the grocery store or local business meeting.

I had no way of screening these people so making money was very difficult.

Alright, here are some reasons why I don’t buy MLM leads and you should not either.

#1 Just Not Fresh Enough

Buying MLM leads may sound like the answer to your business problems but if I were you, I would do your research first.   Kind of like what you are doing now.  It’s a great idea to hear it from me before you actually spend any money.  Let’s step back a moment and define Fresh Leads.

Well, these are typically leads that have not been pitched to by other people looking to sell their products and services.  Most of the time when you buy leads from lead generating companies, they like to maximize their profits by reselling the leads they generate over and over again.

The one lead that you connect with may have spoken to 20 other people before talking to you.  Making your chances of turning this lead into a customer.

So, how do you produce your own leads?

I’m glad you asked? I love teaching people how to market their home business on the internet.  There are several platforms that I recommend you begin with.  It is important to understand three simple rules when building an online business.

1. Build your audience

2. Engage your audience

3. Sell to your audience

These simple rules you must follow in order however there are thousands of untrained network marketing reps that fail continuously because they go out of order.

Think about how difficult it would be to try and sell to people that you don’t know.

Oh Wait…..I think you are doing that right now.

The sale process is always promoted once you have build and audience and engaged with the audience.

If you want to generate fresh leads for your business, then its not worth it to buy MLM leads online instead learning how to generate your own leads will be more cost effective and it will convert better in the long run. I will go into more detail later in this article.

Tire Kickers

#2 Most if not all are Tire kickers

“I’m not sure what I hate more, actually talking to tire kickers or the name tire kickers.  These type of people really know how to waste your time.  They are also known as “curious people”.

You see, when you purchase leads on the internet most of the time these people want to work from home yet don’t do enough to make it happen.

So, getting on the phone with people that  want to know about your business and ask plenty of questions about it all in the name of “being curious”  If you are looking for business partners to build your organization then do not spend a lot of time  with people who do not take action.

If your plan it to increase sales, they you must attract customers who actually want you product.  These type of people turn into customers quickly because they know what they want.


#3 They are not Real Entrepreneurs

“Let’s talk facts.  98% of people who join network marketing company has employees who want to build  residual income.  However, they are misinformed. And unaware of the  amount of hard work it takes to build a successful MLM business.  So, they are often sold that “anyone can do this.

This is true.  I agree but on the other hand you must change the way you think.  One of the downs sides to connecting with home business leads is that they don’t have an entrepreneurial mindset.  Your probably thinking, “of course they do.  They are searching for an opportunity.

This is true, but when they find it and its time to get in to action mode they step back.  The last thing you want to do is to be on the phone motivating them to step out on faith.

Entrepreneurs are leaders who make moves with a reason in mind.  Many of these leads are just everyday working people looking for a way out of their job.


#4 Buying MLM leads will not give you brand recognition.

When you purchase leads it’s kind of like taking a shortcut straight to the money.  You are skipping a lot of important steps that could help your brand get recognized.

In other words, creating content and understanding how to marketing your business using the will open more doors for you than just generating leads.

When you work hard to produce your own you create a fan base in the process just based on the platforms utilized.  Those platforms being social media, YouTube, Google Ads and so forth.  All of these offer an audience who you can put your business in front of.

When you choose to market your home business to these people you build brand recognition along the way.  On the other hand, when you don’t choose this route and instead buy leads you give up the ability for your business to have a recognized name.


Grow your business with home business leads


#5 They have a limited window of opportunity

You have a very short time to connect with someone who has just become a new lead for your business.  What do I mean by this.  well, let me break it down to you.

Let’s say that you have a free pdf guide showing network marketers how to get more customers and they give their contact information in exchange for the pdf guide that you are promoting then you should call them as soon as possible.

Often times people are browsing around on the internet and not keeping track of what they sign up for.  You have to catch people in the moment while things are still fresh in their mind otherwise they would have forgotten all about ever visiting your site a day or two down the line.

You have a small amount of time to connect with leads and honestly the sooner the best you can make a sale with a fresh lead.


#6  Too Expensive

For those of you who don’t possess the knowledge, skillset, patients or time to grow your business online then buying leads is your best option.  However, this route comes with a price.

I must warn you that buy multi-level marketing leads can be very expensive.  How do I know? Well, I work with people in my organization who have and you get what you pay for.  Every lead is a possible sale so lead generating companies understand that the more quality of lead they offer the more money they can make.

They must spend time developing SEO strategies to get organic traffic to their capture sites or pay money to get traffic.  Either way you must pay for the effort or the money they sent.  So, if you are wondering why leads are so expensive there you have it.  It’s called WORK!

Here are the different types of leads you will see

Here are the different types of leads you will see 

1. Phone Leads

2. Double opt-in leads

3. Surveyed Leads


#7 Often resold over and over again

Be careful of who you purchase from. Reading the fine print and asking all the right question upfront is important so that you are getting the most bang for your buck.  You need to know what you are getting.

Are they real time leads?  How are they produced and how fast can you obtain them.  Also, look to see if these leads are sold over again.

Here is my main way to tell if they are..

1. If they are too cheap

I already explained to you why they are expensive to buy.  And it mainly boils down to time and money. However, if they are cheap ask yourself why and what’s the catch.

The only way to keep leads cheap is to sale that same leads 4 or 5 times .  This  ensure that the life of one lead increase their profit 5 folds.  So, take one leads and multiple it 5 times the price.  All, I have to say is watch out for the cheap ones.

#8 They lack the know, like and trust factor

Do you have a favorite product or service you have been using for years and you refuse to try something new.  I don’t know about you but that’s me all day.  My main reason for not trying new products is because I’m comfortable with the results I am getting.  I like who I purchase from.

I trust the brand because I like it, I get results and so do other people I know.  With that being said, if someone approaches me about their product it’s like I don’t know them or trust them.  When you talk to a lead that did not know you, like you or trust you it’s because you don’t have a relationship with that lead.

Bought leads do not know you or what your business is about prior to speaking with them.  Therefore, trying to sell anything to these people is very difficult if not impossible.


#9 They are looking for something FREE

It is quit easy to find yourself on the phone with people who are looking to get something for nothing.  Yes, I said it.  This is the very reason why you should never buy MLM leads.

You often times can waste your time with people that are looking for free advise that will not cost them anything.

It amazes me that people actually believe they can build a business for FREE.  The first thing that your business will cost you is time.  If you don’t have time then you better have knowledge and if you don’t have that be prepared to spend money with people who have both time and knowledge.

Your time is valuable so spend it with people who are ready to invest in themselves.


#10 You can create your own

No way I would write this entire article and not give you a better alternative to getting new customers.  Learning how to marketing my business on the internet was the best decision I made for my online business.

If you want to expand your business get serious about marketing online.  If you want to learn how to to get fresh targeted prospects then keep reading.  I will teach you step by step below.

What your upline didn’t tell you about generating leads?

If you were introduced to the direct sales industry through a sponsor who helped to get you started then you have probably heard some of these saying before.

1.  You can only build your business belly to belly.

2. Talk to everyone within three feet of you

3.  Show your presentation to at least three people a day

4.  Make a list of every one that you know.

I could keep going on and on however, all of this advise I heard before but it was not realistic to follow.  I realized early only that this was actually the best marketing strategy they could new reps.

And it sucked!! Your upline only knows what they have been taught so this is all they could tell you.  Well, you upline failed you.

Why don’t top earners tell you how to use the internet to get more people for your business.  Well, I’m going to take a wild guess and say your upline does not know how to teach you what I have been teaching people online.

And that is how to get your own customers through online marketing.  Like, I your upline maybe clueless when it comes to marketing online.

Here are some things your upline didn’t tell you about generating leads.

1.  Don’t lead with the sale

2.  Don’t spam your social media accounts

3.  Don’t revisit your list

4. Consider using the internet to attract new people


My Conclusions to Why I Don’t Buy MLM Leads?

There are some pros and cons to this business and today I gave you 10 reasons why I don’t buy MLM leads and why you should not either.  Looking to learn how to attract prospects already looking what you have to offer.

Then I will be teaching more about attraction marketing, lead generation strategies, SEO techniques and email marketing and the business tools needed to run a profitable online business.

Leave  a comment in the section below and tell do you buy network marketing leads if so do they help!




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