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Top 10 Freelancing Sites For Beginners – Start Earning From Home Now

Top 10 freelancing sites for beginner's1

I have been bombarded with queries lately about my list of top 10 freelancing sites. So I have finally decided to give my 2 cents to the ambitious lot out there.

If you are a beginner and want to start content writing from home then you have come to the right place.

I have worked as a freelancer for more than a decade and I can guarantee you that these top 10 freelancing sites will offer you the right opportunities to kick start your freelancing journey.

But first, let me guide you through some basics. Ok?

What are freelance platforms?

Freelance platforms provide contractual employment to a large segment of people and are also a good source for people who want to start earning from the ease of their homes.

Over the last decade, I have come across many free freelance websites, but the ones I am going to talk about are best sites for freelance work and you can take my word for it.

Keep reading to find out about my top 10 freelancing sites.

Do you know how freelancing works?

Before I start discussing all the free freelance websites available, let’s talk about what a freelance agency is and how does it work. A freelance agency helps different organizations outsource workers for tasks and jobs that don’t necessarily require a permanent contract.

 Freelance platforms allow both beginners and professionals to share their portfolios with companies and potential employers. On these free freelance websites, any potential employer can search candidates based on the required skill set.

I am not a content writer, is freelancing for me?

I have noticed that many beginners think that freelancing is limited to content writing from home, however, there are many other skills that are required for different types of jobs available online.

These potential employers often look for skills that their organization lacks or they might want to get the job done at a cheaper rate.

I would say that it is a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee as they both get a good bargain.

In my list of top 10 freelancing websites, I have included new freelance websites as well as freelancing websites for students.

Just so you know, freelance jobs include content writing, copywriting, graphic designing, translation and editing among many others.

Small or big, these freelance websites have got it all!

I have seen both small and big organizations hiring a lot of freelancers in their team as they are well aware of the unique skill set they would bring. So if you are a beginner and confused about freelancing, I would suggest you give it a shot.

So if you want to start freelancing, all you need to do is create an account on one of these top 10 freelancing sites, add your portfolio and start sending out offers to potential employers. Sounds easy, right?

I have listed down my top 10 freelancing sites in no particular order.


The first free freelance website I will be talking about is Fiverr. As its name suggests, the jobs at Fiverr start from as low as five dollars. Fiverr is a free freelance website that is a marketplace for a variety of services designed to help professionals and beginners alike.

Whether you are into programming or a fitness freak, Fiverr has a job for everyone!

This freelance agency accommodates individuals from a variety of backgrounds. The thing that I like about this platform is that it does not require very specific or technical knowledge. So what are you waiting for, start earning now!


Upwork is a global platform for freelancers and is known for its largest pool. I meant the largest pool of jobs!

 I think if you are looking for consistent work then you should join Upwork as it guarantees work to all job-seeking individuals. This is one of the best freelancing websites for students as it links the buyers to sellers very efficiently.

I also like the fact that they make sure that you work for legitimate employers reducing the chances of scams.

Moreover, I find their rates to be very competitive as well. Sign up for Upwork is free and you can use it on trial bases before you take any decision.

The next on my top ten freelancing websites is This website is a little different from the other two mentioned as it links the buyer to a seller based on their location. One thing that I like about this website is that freelancers can easily market their skills and services due to its excellent interface.

This website is an excellent marketing place for content writers, professionals and creatives. Sellers usually bid on projects and take the ones that they like.


I have included this website for people looking for jobs that require a professional qualification. allows all professionals from around the world to look for jobs that are related to their field.

It has numerous features that give the seller a lot to choose from.

It’s like a shopping mall but for jobs.  

One thing that I like about this platform is the flexibility it offers when it comes to payment plans. These include one-time, quote-based and monthly payments.

It also allows the buyer to look for services that are available in their region thus allowing regional recruitment. is a free freelance website that gives you a hassle-free platform where you can choose from several jobs.

Companies from all over the world hunt for jobs at this freelance agency. This is not a regional website and freelancers from all over the world can get a job offered.

I have found this website to be extremely easy to use as it facilitates both buyers and sellers alike.

I would say this website is a good platform to form long lasting professional relationships and also offers secure payments.


I think DesignCrowd is a great website for all freelance designers. Using their website, you can submit your design proposal and share it with buyers worldwide. This is a very efficient website that accommodates more than 600,000 freelance designers.

The deadlines range from 3 to 10 days so you need not to worry if you like to procrastinate.  So all freelance designers out there, check this website out.


Top 10 freelancing sites for beginners

Nexxt is a freelance platform that is cloud-based. I have found a lot of very talented professionals on this platform and would, therefore, recommend you check this one out.

Buyers post different advertisements with job descriptions and sellers can easily look for the required jobs.

It hosts both large and small enterprises and is a good site if you are thinking of content writing from home.


Top 10 freelancing sites for beginners

TaskRabbit is another good freelancing website. This website gives you the option of getting your service delivered within one day and I think it is very efficient for all fast-paced businesses. You can use this platform to look for the job that suits you.

This website would pay you for running errands!

This website provides unique services like grocery delivery, furniture assembly and housekeeping. These jobs do not require a specific skill set and are perfect for those individuals who don’t find themselves suited for the freelance jobs that are usually offered.

You can have one on one communication with the client as they describe you the task that they need you to get done.

This platform also comes with a built in reminder which I think is very efficient.

Top 10 freelancing sites for beginners

The next in my top 10 freelancing sites is This website notifies the sellers of all jobs posted that match your skillset.

If you hate waiting like I do, you would love this website.

This website has a robust search engine that gives quick results.  Even if you type one keyword, the search engine will find you all available jobs relevant to your keyword. You can also use more keywords if you want to narrow down your offers and get the required result.

Another feature that I would like to talk about is its job recommendations. Whenever a job is posted that matches your skills, the system notifies you so that you don’t miss the opportunity. It also keeps your data secure which is why I think it is among the best sites for freelance work.


Top 10 freelancing sites for beginners

The last freelance agency that I will talk about is WriterAccess. As its name suggests, this free freelance website is created for writers, content strategists, editors, proofreaders, and translators. Freelancers post their portfolios for prospective employers to see.

This gives the buyers a chance to evaluate the services offered by the freelancers. I think it is a smart way to avoid the hassle of talking to the seller before finalizing the offer. Moreover, it saves both buyer’s and seller’s time.

It is this reason that the quality of the content produced by the freelancers is very high at this platform. It is for this reason I have included it in the top 10 freelancing sites that I would recommend to any beginner.

Another thing which makes it one of the best sites for freelance work is that every member has a rating that is based on their previous work and interactions making it an efficient way to evaluate both a seller and a buyer.

The higher is your rating, the more is your chance of getting hired.

I hope my list provided you an insight into new freelancing sites along with old ones and will help you take the first step towards your freelancing journey.

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