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15 Network Marketing Success Stories That Will Inspire You

successful network marketing stories
MLM Business Success Stories

I’m definitely not the only one who gets inspired by the success stories of network marketing gurus. You probably also draw inspiration from their stories as well, that explains why you’re here!

Stories of network marketers who dared to dream big and achieve success against all odds always fill me with hope and motivation.

Today, I want to share with you some of the most inspiring network marketing success stories that I know. I hope that their stories will inspire you to achieve your own dreams and goals in life.

15 Network Marketing Success Stories – Top Industry Leaders

Network Marketing Great

1. Yager Group (Dexter Yager)

Yager, who passed away in 2019, was nicknamed the “Grandfather of network marketing” and “Father of modern MLM.” He was responsible for building a massive network that spans 40 countries and has millions of members.

Born in Rome, Yager began his career as a beer salesman. From there, he went on to start his own successful business ventures.

Yager was known for his aggressive recruiting tactics and his willingness to take risks in network marketing. He was also a master motivator, capable of inspiring his team to reach new heights.

Thanks to Yager’s vision and leadership, the network marketing industry has been transformed over the past few decades. He will always be remembered as one of the most important figures in the history of network marketing.

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Network Marketing Pro

2. Eric Worre

Eric Worre is one of the most well-known and respected leaders in the network marketing industry.  His network marketing success stories has inspired many to pursue multi-level marketing.  He has been in the business since 1987, making him a true legend in the field.

Eric Worre started Network Marketing Pro in 2009, and it is now one of the most popular sites for Network Marketing Training. Over 300,000 leaders from almost 140 countries around the world are part of this online academy.

Worre’s story is proof that you can achieve success in network marketing if you’re willing to work hard and invest in yourself.


Ray Higdon Network Marketing Leaders

3. Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon joined network marketing in 2006 after being persuaded by his close friend and partner. He reluctantly began exploring the market since he had doubts about MLM, especially as a newbie.

With time, he discovered that network marketing offers extraordinary cash flow, low risk, and the chance to coach and build others.

In 2009, Ray moved to Numis Network and started working hard. Through the company’s personnel and leadership, he made $10,000 his fifth month and $40,000 his seventh.

Today, Ray is the company’s top earner and ambassador. Ray’s tale shows that everyone can get where they want to go. Ray helps others attain their financial goals utilizing Internet marketing, social media marketing, and a “no-limits” mindset.

Higdon’s network marketing success stories are proof that you can achieve success in network marketing if you’re willing to work hard and invest in yourself.

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Successful MLM Leader

4. Brian McClure

Brian McClure is a network marketing expert and trainer. September 2006 marked the beginning of Brian McClure’s career with Ambit Energy.

Today, he is the only person to have been awarded the prestigious 30 million Club honor by the company. He has been the highest earner for the company on a constant basis and was also the founding national consultant for the business.

Before beginning his work for Ambit, Brian held the position of sales representative for a brewery and was the proprietor of a small firm.

Today, he is in charge of instructing and guiding a number of Ambit’s greatest earners in their careers.

Brian McClure has guided a great number of individuals through the process of starting their own profitable businesses and, as a result, living lives that are richer in satisfaction.

It is anticipated that he will make $8.4 million throughout the course of the year. His success story is an inspiration to upcoming network marketers.

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Successful Women in Network Marketing

5. Stormy Wellington

Stormy Wellington is a self-made success story whose passion and perseverance turned her from a teenage mother and high school dropout into a successful CEO (Total Life Changes LLC) and a renowned network marketing expert.

She joined Total Life Changes to help others. She’s been outhustling every network marketer, and the returns are in.

She was recently recognized for being the #1 female MLM networker in the world and also made over $2 million in the past year.

She’s also helped others reach network marketing success.  Stormy received the TLC Visionary Award in New Orleans for helping 1,000 families reach a six-figure income.

She’s helped over 30 families earn at least $50,000 in their first year, and others have six-figure salaries.


Network marketing Tips

6. Jerry Scribner

Jerry Scribner is a network marketing expert and trainer. Jerry Scribner was a debt-ridden, completely bankrupt American living an average life with a job he didn’t particularly love when he was introduced to network marketing by a friend.

At the time, Jerry Scribner was living in the United States.

A year after starting off his journey, Jerry Scribner was ranked as the 12th highest paid in the sector, and the revenues of his company, Steam, were $860 million annually.

Additionally, he offers recommendations for books to read and films to watch on how to generate passive income on his website.


Network marketing tips from top leaders

7. Darin Kidd

Darin Kidd is widely regarded as one of the most sought-after trainers in the field of Network Marketing in the modern era. Because of his extensive 28 years of experience in the field, he possesses a great deal of expertise.

He has developed teams consisting of thousands of distributors and personally recruited over a thousand people, making him a multi-seven figure income.

As an experienced trainer and coach, he has conducted hundreds of live events all over the world and guided countless individuals through the process of constructing their very own profitable Network Marketing businesses.

His life’s work consists of imparting knowledge that will enable others to achieve success on their own.

As a renowned network marketer, Kidd’s story is proof that you can achieve success in network marketing if you persist.

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Mike Dillard Success

8. Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard is a network marketing success. He spent six years struggling in MLM and as a waiter.

Today, he makes eight figures from one idea.

Mike created a warm market list and encouraged friends and relatives to join his network marketing firm. He was about to resign until he realized what the top earners did.

He realized that these top earners drew followers because they knew network marketing and could assist them in generating money.

After several attempts, he finally had his breakthrough. And today, Mike offers one of the best training courses for upcoming network marketers.

His success story is an inspiration to other marketers and me.


Women in Network Marketing

9. Donna Johnson

Donna Johnson is a network marketing expert and trainer. Like many great businesses, Donna Johnson started out with very little.

Over the years, she worked hard and is now the founder and president of Arbonne, which is one of the most prolific network marketing companies in the world. Each year, she makes more than $1 million.

And as part of her leadership initiative, Donna has given more than 1,000 white Mercedes to different people. Her success story in network marketing is an inspiration to many other aspiring network marketers and me.

Network Marketing Success That Will Motivate You To WIN!

Network Marketing Most Successful People

10. Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala

Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala are popular network marketing power couple. Their network marketing success is a testament to hard effort, perseverance, and attention.

The couple’s success was built on strategic planning and industry analysis. Having amassed over $160 million so far, they now use their skills to advise and educate direct sellers.

They’ve amassed over $160 million.

Andreea Cimbala is positive and determined for the future. She feels the best thing about MLM is that everyone can find or make a place in it, regardless of differences.

She believes MLM can bring people together to build a better future.

In her training sessions, Andreea advises aspiring network marketers to have the focus of a falcon to reach their goals. On the other hand, Igor credits his MLM success to maintaining up-to-date on technology, team, and goals.

This couple’s success story in network marketing is an inspiration to many, including myself.


LuLaRoe Network Marketing

11. Alexander Laigle

As a LuLaRoe network marketer, Alexandra Laigle, 28, sells between 800 and 1,000 pieces of clothing each month, or about $80,000 worth of clothing.

LuLaRoe consultants were just 2,000 when Laigle began selling the line in September of 2015. There are now 35,000 members.

Laigle’s husband abandoned his job as a financial consultant for the US Department of Defense so that he could work full-time on LuLaRoe because of her success with the clothing line.

Laigle earned a $21,000 bonus check off of her team’s sales for the month of July. And her success in network marketing is simply impressive, to say the least.


Team Takeover in Network Marketing

12. Cedrick Harris

Cedrick is CEO of Tampa-based Team Takeover Marketing INC. Team Takeover Marketing has over 1000 independent agents nationwide who assist people take control of their lives psychologically and financially through home-based businesses.

Cedrick has been coached by multi-millionaires in Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and Mortgage for almost half his life.

The training and coaching helped him achieve several goals, including directing the top mortgage team to produce 700 million in one year.

His unique method of presenting, coaching, training, and mentoring has helped hundreds, with many more to come. And his success in network marketing is remarkable.

The fastest way to network marketing success is to copy other top leaders and do what they do.


Matt Morris World Ventures

13. Matt Morris

Matt Morris is a network marketing expert and trainer. His success story in network marketing is one that will inspire anyone who hears it.

He joined my first company at 18 years old, and his first two years were spent sponsoring three people. 2 of which he paid to get in.

At 21, he was $30,000 in debt, living out of his little, red, beat-up Honda Civic, bathing in gas station bathrooms. It took him five long and painful years to get to a full-time income, but he did it.

Then, at 26, he found himself $100,000 in debt. But he bounced back and, at 32, wound up $750,000 in debt, which led him to generate over 1 million customers on his team over the next ten years producing well over $1 billion in sales.

There’s no doubt that Matt Morris is a success story, and his story is one that can inspire anyone to achieve their dreams.


Amway Success Stories

14. Nancy Dornan

Nancy Doran is a renowned network marketing success story. She hails from a humble background and had to start working at an early age to support her family. Despite the difficulties, she never gave up on her dreams.

With perseverance and hard work, Nancy eventually found success in network marketing. She is now one of the top earners in the field and is living her dream life.

Nancy’s story is an inspiration for everyone who wants to achieve success in network marketing. If she can do it, anyone can. Her story proves that with determination and hard work, anything is possible.


Successful Network Marketing Trainer

15. Todd Falcone

Todd Falcone began network marketing at 22 after graduating college. While he struggled in the beginning, he built multiple successful enterprises as a distributor. He has over 25 years of network marketing experience.

Todd has spent over ten years as an independent trainer speaking and training on network marketing success. He is a popular network marketing speaker and trainer because he speaks from experience.

And he frequently delivers training events, conference calls, and webinars for tens of thousands of people worldwide and has spoken in over 25 countries to over 10,000 individuals.

Todd consults network marketing business owners, trains top-level distributors, and teaches new people network marketing basics.

He’s the president of Reach4Success, LLC and the author of various training programs and books, including Little Black Book of Scripts, Fearless Networking, Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals, How to Win in the Game of Prospecting, and Cracking the Code to Success in Network Marketing.

Final Thoughts About Network Marketing Success Stories

These fifteen stories are just a snapshot of the many network marketing success stories that exist in the world of network marketing.

If you’re looking for inspiration, these stories will give you the motivation you need to succeed in your own business. Remember, if others can do it, so can you!

Be sure to take advantage of the free training to help you learn how to generate leads on autopilot, and you won’t even pay for ads.

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