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Network Marketing Tips

Network Marketing Tips – Looking For The Best Network Marketing Tips and Online Strategy? Take My Advice

Network Marketing Tips and Online Strategy to Scale Your Business

Do you ever get tired of hearing the same boring network marketing tips that has gotten you nowhere?  I know I do.  I can’t tell you how many I’ve been told that I’m wasting time creating an online business.   Instead apply the 3 foot rule and talk to 3 to 5 people everyday about my products and business opportunity. 

The Best Network Marketing Tips and Online Strategy.


While this sounds easy, I have an issue with this advice though.  It sounds easy but it’s not.  The only marketing strategy that I was taught by my upline was to…..  

1.  “Make a list of at least 100 family and friends and call them”

2.  “Invite them to a presentation but don’t tell them what it is about

3. “Talk to every person within three feet of you”

4.  Randomly approach strangers about my business

5 “Keep revisiting the same list because no doesn’t mean no it sometimes means not right now?


I don’t know about you, but these network market tips and strategies left my business paralyzed.  I’m here to help and I don’t want you to struggle getting results.


When I first started my home business, I was convinced that if I didn’t follow these network marketing tips I would not make any sales or get anyone to join my team. 

Does this sound familiar to you. 

I remembered hearing this all the time.  I wanted to succeed in network marketing so bad but knew there had to be another way.  So, I start researching how to build my home business online.

Not Face to Face Either!!! 

I know what you are going to say.  This is a people business, and it cannot be done that way. Look, who doesn’t dream of building a traditional network marketing business.  But not everyone can pull it off, right? That’s because most people lack the knowledge to create a sound marketing strategy

Most network marketers don’t even know they should have an online business strategy. I’ll throw some light on that later in this post. But first, let me share some insight into what I believe are very useful network marketing tips to help scale your business.


OK! Here they are….

Network Marketing Tips to Scale Your Business

Network Marketing Success Tips


1. Serious network marketers know their WHY


When asking this question to people who join network marketing companies most will say yes, they know why they partnered with their company.  Your “why” should be big enough to make you cry. 

Have you ever heard that before? 


Your reason “Why” seems like an obvious one to you but when it comes to network marketing, try to think what drew you to it in the first place.

You can think of anything from the benefits of the products and services, personal goals such as an early retirement, or even saving for your children’s education.

With this in mind, you should be motivated enough with your “Why” to strive and embrace the journey.

Never stop building or pushing past the hard times in your business.  To be serious about your network marketing business you must develop an action plan and get to work.


Start with Your WHY


Know why you would want to build this type of business in the first place and realize no matter what happens you must never give up.  This is not a traditional business model nor is it easy to build. 


Thousands of people start multi-level marketing businesses all the time and studies show that the more than 94% of distributors never make a sale or recruit even one person. 


Knowing why you want to build this  business is crucial to your success.  Your “Why” should be worth more than just money and time freedom.  Like I said , “your reason why must be strong enough to make you cry.  Thousands of people quit network marketing all the time because they don’t have overnight success. 


If your “why” is planted on solid ground, you will have a better chance of becoming amongst the 2 percent that are winners.


2. Your DMO should include a marketing platform


In case you are not familiar, DMO is short for Daily Method of Operation.  It is knowing exactly what to day-to-day for your business.  Having a daily plan in place helps to manage time more effective as well.  You know what to do and when to do it.

Your DMO should include a marketing.

Notice I said “A”.  Yes, focus your time on learning a platform such as YouTube, Pinterest, any social media site or even podcasting.

I must be honest with you though. 

My most effective network marketing tip is to master one strategy at a time before moving on to another.  Focusing your time and attention on mastering one marketing method will get you better results.


Grow your online business with Email Marketing

3. Build your list


I have seen the successful top MLM recruiters who earn 6 figures or more believe in building up their network by building their email list. And you don’t have to know a lot about email marketing to do this. 


The reason why you must build an email list is because it is a valuable assets that you can own.

Here is what you can expect from growing your list

1. Increased sales from a targeted audience

2. Build a relationship with those who are not you customers yet                                                                                             


Remember that you don’t need to have a successful business before you can start doing this. Here are several marketing methods to consider even if you don’t have a single person on your email list.

MLM Social Media Marketing


1.  Social Media Marketing

A network marketing strategy online should consist of meeting new people and making friends to help raise your level of awareness. Social media can solve your problem if you don’t consider yourself to be an outgoing person.     

You can join groups and share your hobbies with likeminded people, which is an essential step in building relationships.

In this day and age, there are so many social media platforms available, and you can choose any that suits you.

What’s attractive about using social media to grow your business is that your posts have to ability reach so many people.  Trusting that you have valuable information to share, friends and following will share you content opening the doors more traffic to your offers and increasing sales.


Scale Your Online Business With Content Marketing


2.  Content Marketing


What’s great about content marketing is that you can drive traffic to this content by posting it on your blog or on social media platforms where it can get shared thousands of times.       



Try giving network marketing tips for beginners by writing and sharing your thoughts through social media and video marketing.

Either way your goal should be to get more eyes checking out your content, right?  You know what I say.  Put your thoughts in writing and start sharing it on different platforms.  It would also benefit you to repurpose your content into different formats.


I will go over this in more detail later in this post.


#1 Marketing Strategy to Generate Network Marketing Leads Online


4.  Use YouTube videos to get network marketing leads online


Can you guess the most popular way content is being consumed on the internet? Let me tell you! It’s video marketing.  According to video is the number one source of information for 66% of people and 93% of businesses gain new customers as a result of branded video content.


This should let you know that video marketing is powerful.  So, let me ask you a question.  Are you ready to take your network marketing online strategy to the next level?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I must say that creating videos may be a bit of a stretch. 

Nonetheless, if you are not camera shy then my number one network marketing tips for beginners is to use video to he

lp your business grow.  You will see tremendous growth and reach so many new people with this marketing strategy.


Network Marketing Coach

(Image Sources: The Higdon Group)


5.  Get A Network Marketing Coach


Have you noticed that every success person had a coach in their life to bring out their talent and to teach them what they don’t know?   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Think about it for a second, where would Kobe Bryant be without Phil Jackson or where would Mike Tyson be without his coach Cus D’Amato.

These two guys have two things in common.  They both had coaches and they both won a championship. It is important for you to connect with someone who has been in this industry longer than you and who has success with an MLM business.

They can teach you the same strategies that lead them to success. 

Why try to figure it out on your own when you can follow the blue print of a successful person.  So how do you meet these people, well it helps to attend every possible meeting your company offers also you can network by joining local groups specifically for MLM businesses.



6.  Have a Growth Mindset


A lot of people have it wrong.  Success is achieved in the mind first and taking action helps to bring it into reality.  If you want success in anything in life you have to have a growth mindset. 

What does that mean?  It means you have to continuously improve yourself.  For example, reading books and attending personal development trainings helps you to evolve as a person. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Strive to become better than your previous version by investing in yourself mentally and physically.

Are you wondering what is the fastest way to network marketing success?

Keep reading as I give you more details.



7.  Be consistent & persistent


Ask yourself how bad do you want to build your home business.  If you are anything like me, you are willing to do whatever it takes to have a thriving business.  That includes being consistent with working on your business daily. 

So, ask yourself what are some of the things you can do better to get more customers or to get more MLM leads.  You have to start dedicating yourself to your business by consistently working toward your goals daily. 

Notice how many times I say daily.

Decide how many hours a week you can work on your business and stick to it every day.  The more persistent you are with reaching your goals the more likely you are to reach them.

network marketing tips


8.  Use the right tools to run a profitable business


It’s ok to use tools to help your business run effectively.  If you need help with your business, I suggest that you start using tools that will help run your business smoother. 

The increase in technology has allowed people to work from home without the use of an office, employees and office equipment. 

So many companies today provide upscale services for you to run your business from home.  So, let’s take a look at some tools that will ease your life and help you automate your business.


The best network marketing tips for Beginners start with your business tools


Use for your online business




Organize, track and manage your days, weeks and month with asana.  Whether you want to keep up with your teams work or manage your daily business.  I use this tool to keep track or my writing content, YouTube videos ideas and scheduling. for your email marketing


Constant Contact 


If you are not growing an email list, then you are missing out on potential sales.  Use email marketing to create automated emails with offers for products and services that you sell.


Virtual Phone System For Home Businesses




If you don’t have an office phone but want to look like a corporation then you can get a customized number for your business.  You can look more professional when you are not giving out your mobile number to potential clients.

Give clients a professional number with extension numbers and a professional messaging system. Look like fortune 500 companies even when you’re just a solopreneur.


Canva design tool for online businesses




This is my favorite tools of them all. I love working in Canva.  It is a non-techy graphic design tool that us user friendly and easy to navigate.  Start using this free software to create graphics and videos for flyers, business cards, calendars, social media posts, Instagram reels, YouTube thumbnails, banners, posters and a ton more.


Want to learn how to create awesome graphics in Canva. Get started with  Canva today.


Bluehost web hosting company



This is one of the most popular web hosting site.  If you are looking for a dependable and reasonable hosting site, then try Bluehost.


Disclaimer: The Bluehost link above are affiliate links that provide a small commission to me at no cost to you. These links track your purchase and credit it to this website. Affiliate links are a primary way that I make money from this blog and Bluehost is the best web hosting option for new bloggers. You can read full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.



9.  Be realistic about MLM’s


Multi-level marketing has a reputation of rewarding people with business opportunities that bring about a life of time freedom and get rich formulas.

How would you like to make residual income from a business that allows you to quit your job and work at your own convenience from home without the stress and demands of an employer? 

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it is for some but keep reading.  When people are presented with the opportunity of having a home based business rarely are they ever told about the realization of pursuing a pyramid business model like this. Now, don’t get mad at me because I said pyramid. 

The reality is that making consistent income relies heavily on building a downline.  This is where the real money is at.  However, what people are not aware of is how difficult (or nearly impossible) it is to recruit business partners for their home based business.  Checkout some statics that were provided below.


MLM Case Study 

Statics on multi-level marketing success

Expectations of financial success


According to the AARP study of multi-level marketing, the majority of network marketing participants do not make any money.  Of the 601 participants from the study findings reveal that only about 25% of participants make a profit.


65% of members say that direct selling provides flexibility to work from home and make money (Ref:dsa)


90 – 99% of distributors in multilevel marketing only receive a couple of hundred dollars commission per year. (Ref:Jim)


According to studies done by the ftc less than 1% of people actually make a profit in their business.  That means the other 99% of people to lose money never to make a sale or sponsor people.



So, I give you this information to say be realistic about succeeding in a multi-level marketing companies.  It takes patients, determination and risks to pursue this kind of business model.

Be sure that you educate yourself about the direct sales industry, including the success and failure rate of the company that you are partnering with. 



10.  Don’t Recruit, Provide Value  


Have you even been approached by a car sales person who is hell bent on selling you a vehicle that you don’t want to buy at the moment? It’s cringing.

You politely say, “Oh, I’m just looking” and 10 minutes later here comes that same sales person now promising to get you in that vehicle at a discount due to the weekend sale. 

But once again you decline because you don’t want anyone bothering you. Despite several attempts to get on your last nerve, who do you see walking toward you with a creepy smile.

Yes, the manager of the car dealer extending a fourth offer to sale that vehicle to you.  Now, you are pissed and trying to get away from this annoying car sales person because you are being pitched and sold to every which way. 

Well, join the club.  If it’s not a sales person it’s a network marketing distributor trying to get you to attending a meeting or hop on a zoom call. 

MLM recruiting sucks because people don’t want to be sold to, but they love to buy.   There are other ways to go about getting business partners and that is to learn how to provide value.  You see, I find this to be a less aggressive approach when marketing my online business.

I use different methods to give network marketing tips for beginners.  One of those is through providing content like this as well as creating YouTube videos about how to get network marketing leads on the internet.  I learned how to provide value by helping people solve their biggest problems. 

That what business is all about, right? So, why not focus on providing value to attract people to you verses you being like that annoying car sales person who has to pitch and sale his business.  No one wants to grow their business if they have to literally beg people to join.

I suggest that you think outside to box and start giving people tips on how to build this business. For example, sharing this post with a caption that reads.

“Looking for a way to grow your MLM. Here are 21 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners who want to skyrocket their business”. This network marketing strategy is beneficial and not spammy.


See how easy that was.  Want real training on how to grow your home business online using social media.


Generate MLM Leads Online

Learn The Steps to Generate MLM Leads Online


11. Learn to generate network marketing leads online


Leads are the life blood to any business.  If you want to turn your business into a cash machine, then you must have people to talk to all the time. The number one reason why many distributors quit this business is because they fail to produce more leads. 

They run through their warm marketing and find it difficult to approach people that they don’t know.  So, what next?  They quit! I started generating MLM leads online two years a go and I did so by learning how to use attraction marketing online. 

I produced valuable content and got people to reach out to me and you can do the same.  Once you learn how to generate your own leads then you become the hunted and not the hunter.

12. Use attraction marketing to become the hunted and not the hunter

Have you ever heard of attraction marketing? Well, it is a marketing strategy that I use to generate leads for my online business.  I give people what they want by creating content that solves people’s problems. 

Sounds easy right?

But not anyone’s problem, my target audiences problem.  Attraction marketing focuses on creating value and presenting to people instead of pitching your business to people.


Attraction Marketing Strategy


For example, I create a lot of YouTube videos about how to generate MLM leads online.  My content is so valuable that I get tons of views and comments where people are reaching out to me for help with their business.  I provide value instead of pitching my business. 

This method works better than hunting people down and trying to get them to by from me.  Using this method helps to position me as a leader and an authority in this niche.  So you see how attraction marketing works. 

You want to attract people to you by giving valuable information away that solves people’s problems. 

This helps to generate leads and new customers.  The best way to learn attraction marketing is to start by finding a way to help people first.  

13. Make up your mind

I think developing a recruiting mindset is very important.

It may seem like an obvious one to you but when it comes to network marketing, try to think what drew you to it in the first place. You can think of anything from the kinds of product and services to the type of people you will get to work with.

With this in mind, you should be motivated enough to get into an MLM recruiting mindset and embrace the opportunity without any doubts.

I would say that you should always be very confident about your choices, which is one of the network marketing tips for beginners.

If you are one of those people who want to have a part time online business without any investment, then network marketing is the perfect place to start from.

Since you will not need much to begin with and you can eventually build your own empire so it can be a very excellent medium to use.

Many people are often under the impression that network marketing is for selling services and products. But it is much more than that.

I mean, it also involves accounting, recruiting, training and follow ups. There is so much into it if you put your mind to it. The only investment it requires is of your energy and time.

If you still want more network marketing tips for guaranteed success, keep reading! 

14. Build Your Own Network – Make More Friends

This is perhaps, one of the most underestimated things when it comes to MLM recruiting. 

I have seen that all the successful MLM recruiters who earn in 6 figures believe in building up their network by making as many friends as they can.

Remember that you don’t even need to have a successful business before you can start doing this. Just make friends wherever you are and this will help you in future.

If you are still wondering why making friends is important, keep reading!

In network online marketing strategy, meeting new people and making friends helps you by raising your level of awareness. Social media can solve your problem if you don’t consider yourself to be an outgoing person.

You can join groups and share your hobbies with likeminded people, which is an essential step in building relationships.

In this day and age, there are so many social media platforms available and you can choose any that suits you.

Networking with them doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to recruit all of them; it is simply because you can trust them with liking and sharing your content by virtue of them being friends with you.


Share your story in Network Marketing


15. Become a Good Story Teller

I will now tell you another well-kept secret about a successful network marketing online strategy that is to become adept at storytelling.

Surprising Fact: If you look around, you can observe that all successful marketers are good story tellers.

You should be able to collect good stories to tell people in order to get them to join your business and attract them in.

16. Bring Them in the Loop

I would suggest that you share your personal stories to your target audience. This can be a great motivational tool for you to bring them within the loop of your MLM mindset.

Trust me, people like to hear relatable struggle stories of individuals who talk to them in the form of personal stories, instead of bragging about their businesses and brands and how good their product is doing.

So just personalize the stories and see the magic.

I think the idea is to have as much exposure as possible and in the most innovative way which is what any successful marketer would do. You can think of it as an online part time business without investment.


Every time you talk about your company or business you are exposing it to a clientele, and it will only go in your favor. You will end up attracting more people and eventually recruit more people.

17. Always Ask Questions – Be A Geek If You Have To

This rule doesn’t only apply to academia but is an important rule of thumb in marketing.

In order to be in a better position of understanding the needs of your client, always ask more questions.

A common mistake that marketers make is that they do not ask the right questions. I have observed that they are always more focused on what they have to offer that they tend to forget what the client specifically requires.

I recommend all marketers to not only talk about their products, services and what their company is so good at doing.

It is important to understand that the client already knows all of that which is why they chose them in the first place so there is no point in wasting time talking about the same things that are listed on your website.

Start asking the right questions in order to understand them better. This will give you a better approach towards the introduction of your business and in turn recruitment.

It is unfortunate that the majority of the marketers fail at this which is not a very good network marketing online strategy.

18. Come On! Show Some Excitement



If you want to attract people towards your business, you need to tell them how enthusiastic you are about it. You can’t make people care about your business when they don’t see you caring about it.

One thing I have noticed about all MLM recruiting stars is that they are always very enthusiastic and active.

In fact, I think that their positivity energy is what attracts people towards them. It is rightly said that these things are infectious, and people are automatically attracted to people who have these attributes.

 You should be able to bring a smile on people’s faces. People should be comfortable around you and that’s when you will be truly successful in MLM marketing.

19. Dreaming Big Is the Key

Have you ever met an entrepreneur and thought that they were crazy? I have and that’s how you should be too.

The aim is to have big dreams and by big dreams I do not mean having unrealistic aims. Your dreams should be big and mature every day despite the adversities thrown at you. Always stay resilient and work towards achieving your dreams.

If you want to have a network marketing automated recruiting system from the get go, you can achieve that too provided you work for it.

I can tell you that you will find many secret MLM hacks online but what you must always know is that massive success and growth is not possible without having big dreams and big goals and having the ability to achieve them.

Always look for faster and more efficient ways of recruiting more people. Think about expansion and an exponential growth.

20. Don’t You Give Up

I think the best way of doing this is to make up your mind that you will master this and not give up. You should make up your mind that no matter what happens you will not give up.

You should not let your fear of talking to people come in the way and must come out of your shell. Even if you are an introvert, try to break that wall and do it in order to become a successful marketer.

network marketing online strategy

21. Learn How to Market

If I could give you only one network marketing tip it would be to learn how to get your business in front of your ideal customer by using the internet. 

Internet marketing is the way of the future for any business that wants to dominate in their niche as well as scale a profitable business.  As technology advances billions of people will continue to spend more time on internet getting educated, being entertained, meeting new people and starting new businesses. 

Despite the direct sales industry telling people to only build these businesses “belly to belly” you now have options.  Here’s a network marketing tip from me to you would be to learn a valuable skill like internet marketing and reach people all across the world.

22. My Bonus Network Marketing Tips is to Embrace Rejection

I know it’s easier said than done but you must embrace rejection and I’m going to tell you why.  Rejection is a part of life that can either make you stronger or weaker however that all depends on how you look at it. 


Don’t expect everyone to say “yes” to buying your products or services.  Expect being told No and for every No you are a step closer to someone saying yes.  So, instead of looking for “yes” I suggest you go for no method.  Get used to hearing it because it will only make you stronger.


What is the key to success in Network Marketing?

Through my personal experience, I have come to a realization that what you need for your business is a group of people that are growing, learning and improving their business skills along with a desire to constantly become better at what they do.

Sounds abstract? Well, let me explain.

I think an important thing to understand is that the recruiting process doesn’t stop as soon as someone signs up, but it extends to the creation of business relationships that empower everyone who works with you.

One of the many secret MLM hacks includes capturing the benefits of network marketing in order to grow your business.

Look, if you want to grow this in this industry, you MUST realize the power of network marketing. This can help you move more products through your network.

To be successful in network marketing, you should master the art of MLM recruiting as that can do wonders to your business.

In my blog post, I have compiled a list of recruiting techniques for you which you can use as a network marketing tips for success.

Final Networking Tips!

At the end I would say that many people hesitate from building a network marketing online strategy because they think they do not know how to sponsor people and are under-confident when it comes to leading people and managing them.

However, after reading my blog post, I guarantee that you will be well-equipped to start multi-layered marketing and become an expert at it very soon.

Mind you that nobody is born successful at this but with consistent hard work and right guidance they achieve big things. Best of luck with your business

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