Is It Worth It Buying MLM Leads?

buy mlm leads

Is it worth it to buying mlm leads?  Well, in my opinion no.  Over the years I’ve learned what works when it comes to generating leads. As a result of my lead-generating strategies, I’ve also seen a significant increase in building my downline. Today, my online business is getting more leads and my business is getting bigger thanks to the tried-and-true lead generation ideas that I’d like to share with you here.

Since you’re reading this, you’re probably either a network marketer or thinking about getting into network marketing. Because of your interest in MLM, there’s a fair chance that you have heard about the benefits of generating your own leads. However, many people also associate this with hard work.  Which I’m not going to lie, is hard work!

So, a common question arises: Do you purchase MLM leads or generate them? It’s easy to buy MLM leads – but does it make sense to buy direct leads or generate your own?

MLM lead generation is an essential component for building a robust MLM business, and most people can’t get enough leads. If you have a quality product or service, the rest is easy.

It is possible to buy leads but generating your own MLM leads is likely to be a better solution. A good marketing strategy and the right skills can help you generate leads easily.

Speaking from personal experience, it’s possible to generate leads in any MLM business. The challenge is acquiring the right knowledge and skills to develop the right marketing strategies.

mlm lead generation

If done right, lead generation can be easier and cheaper than spending money on buying leads. Using a combination of attraction marketing and creating your own marketing assets such as creating my own YouTube channel and creating plenty of high-value content to teach people how to prosper helped me get started on generating my own MLM leads.

Businesses in the network marketing industry often wonder if buying MLM leads is worth the effort. I want to explain exactly why buying leads will not work for growing your business and why generating leads will create amazing results. But, before we get to that, let’s take a moment to appreciate why you need leads to thrive in this business.

Why You Need Fresh Network Marketing Leads

Before I discuss how to get leads, let me ask you a question. Have you ever wondered why Multilevel Marketing (MLM) attracts people all the time?

Here’s the short answer:

A Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company is a network of distributors who are also building their own little network. And the people above you in the hierarchy (at whatever level) will become your upline, and those below you will be your downline.

The products of most MLM companies are designed to be consumed and reordered by the client on a monthly basis which is how passive income is made in this business. In addition, these products have undergone extensive research and are sold exclusively by the company.

This is generally the foundation of how this business is promoted and what makes is so attractive as a home based business.  If people want the product they must go through you to get it and you make the money.

When you initially partner with one of these companies you are usually encouraged to generate “a list” of people that you know so you can make some sales quickly.

It’s a great way to start but not great way to grow a business long term.  Running out of people to talk to is a sure thing.

Network marketing leads are needed to scale a profitable business so you can stay in business.  That means you don’t have to rely on your family and friends to generate income.  And to put it to you straight, it would be very difficult to build an MLM business with only the people that you know.

This is why I teach using attraction marketing to get more customers.  Just face it, at some point in time you will run out of your warm list of people and you will have to meet new people to expose your business.

For example, a company may sell a proprietary blend of 75% pineapple pulp and 25% melon fiber. The higher concentration of fiber provides an energizing boost to the body, helping to support workout performance and aid digestion. The melon pulp contains high levels of vitamin C which has been shown to promote natural hormone production. This unique composition ensures that consumers receive the most benefit from every dose!

Generally, people who buy MLM products do so for two primary reasons:

First, they want to consume the products because they will make them look more beautiful, improve their health, or provide some other life-enhancing benefit.

Second, they are buying into a business model that allows them to profit from the products that they could buy nowhere else.

Network marketing leads are needed so you don’t have to rely on your family and friends to generate income.  And to put it straight, it would be very difficult to build a profitable business with only the people that you know.

At some point in time you will run out of your list of people and you will have to meet new people to expose your business.

Why Buying Leads Won’t Work for Growing Your MLM Business

Network marketing leads online

Based on my own experience, I’ve concluded that many of the leads you buy online from MLM lead generating companies are resold repeatedly to different customers. Since these are not fresh leads, you are unlikely to get any response to any e-mails or direct mail you send this list.

What’s more, many of these leads are also not serious about starting a business.

I know more than a few people who have purchased marketing leads or tried to purchase them. Usually, they fail because they do not understand that networks do not produce outcomes (tangible or valuable) independent of the people who use them.

Network marketing leads that you buy do not advance your business; they advance the interests of the listing broker.

Here are 5 ideas I suggest you keep top of mind:

* Network marketing is not about buying customers. What I’ve learned is that it’s about acquiring customers who give you value, both now and in the future.

* Network marketing differs from customer-based marketing because you’re not trying to convert a prospect into a customer; you’re trying to convert all your customers into selling the products that they are consuming.

* Network marketing leads attract more engaged users, which can lead to conversions faster because they can both consume a unique product and make money by selling it to other people who would also benefit from the product.

* Learn to generate network marketing leads using the internet.  You can scale your business by attracting people to you various platforms and attraction marketing strategies.  Getting people to reach out to your versus you chasing uninterested people positions you as the hunted and not the “hunter”.

* Use a proven marketing system that will teach you how to market an online business in any niche.  If want to reach more people beyond the list you created then you must learn how to marketing your network marketing business.

And yes, you can get more leads, sales and sign ups when you have to skills to position your business in front of interest people.  Because, let’s face it that’s the reason why you are struggling to grow this business.

How do I know this, because it was the main reason why I struggled to get new customers.  I was wasting time with people who did not want to buy my product until I began to build my business online.  To get me started I followed a 30 day formula which helped me recruit 10 representatives in one week.

Home Business Success

Unfortunately, many people who sign up for information on network marketing on a list broker’s website or social media platform are just casual browsers. They don’t have the entrepreneurial drive to succeed in this type of business.

List brokers are notoriously bad at tracking the buyer journey and so will often sell low-quality leads for a quick profit. They rarely pass on leads to others that will contribute to the success of the company.

You will fail if you spend more money than time. Not researching new leads yourself could cause you to lose money and having your business take longer to grow than is desirable.

One of the most common mistakes beginners make when it comes to building their own MLM business is buying leads. They believe that by buying leads, they will be able to grow their business faster and more easily than if they were just trying to find leads and sell the product on their own.

In reality, however, buying leads is likely going to lead you to failure for a variety of reasons. First off, there’s no guarantee that the leads you contact based on the email address you got have ever heard of your brand or product.

They may also have no interest in it at all. To put it bluntly, buying leads won’t work for growing your MLM business because you’re not talking to the right people.

If you want to be successful in achieving your goal of generating leads for your MLM business, then you’d better learn how to spot the 90% of people who won’t succeed. Individuals like these often lack the motivation to succeed in life.

They spend their time reading blogs and watching videos instead of doing anything about improving the quality of their life.

Buying leads won’t work for growing your MLM business. It may be convenient to get plenty of leads instantly but think about the consequences of going down that path. It’s often better to generate your own leads because you won’t be wasting money buying leads who are unlikely to help you build your downline.

Why Generating Your Own Leads Will Rapidly Grow Your MLM Business

My advice to you is to not buy leads if your goal is to grow your MLM business. If you want to succeed in life, instead of wasting your time and money on people who will accomplish nothing, you need to get training tools that will teach you how to market your online business like a PRO.

Although it may seem difficult at first glance, generating your own leads is a vital element in growing your business. Having more customers who convert into active distributors means your downline is more likely to grow fast, which benefits your business in the long term.

buy mlm leads

This occurs because better-qualified leads will find more people to purchase from them. Having more interested people sign up allows you to have better relations with them and train them how to sell effectively.

Generating leads will increase sales and your business money-generating capabilities will skyrocket. The best part is that you don’t have to spend any money on sales leads. Once your business has been established and your website is running, all you need to do is teach your team how to generate leads for you.

You can get access to my training for generating leads ONLINE.

How to Generate MLM Leads

Here are some ideas that have worked amazingly well for me.

1. Use Attraction Marketing to Get prospects to contact you to ask questions.


A simple but effective way to talk to people is to encourage potential customers to contact you with their inquiries or problems.

Whether it is social media, like Facebook or Twitter, or phone, one-on-one conversations with prospects are crucial in building an MLM lead generation system.

To stand out from your competitors you need to generate leads quickly and convert them effectively without spending a lot of time roaming through Malls and finding people who might be interested and forcing them to engage in a conversation with you.

You can generate far better quality leads by apply attraction marketing as an online method.  The best attraction marketing strategy is to give “value”.  What I mean by this is to teach people something that will help to solve their biggest problems.  If you can master the art of attraction marketing you are well on your way to building the business of your dreams.

2. Improve your recruiting skills by learning the art of persuasion.

MLM leads for online Success

The more successful my recruiting skills became over the years, the easier it was for me to bring people into my organization who would do whatever it took to build a successful MLM business. I developed these skills by reading sales books on how to approach prospects and close sales.

When I talk to people, either directly or indirectly, meeting them in public places or texting them on social media, I use the concept of providing “interesting information” to explain what makes MLM’s so powerful. People are easily led by charismatic leaders who provide them with hope and motivation to improve their lives.

3. Create a landing page to build an email list.

MLM Business

I hope by now you can see how it is possible for individuals to generate leads using the internet via social media and starting a YouTube channel and word-of-mouth advertising. Unfortunately, most marketers don’t take advantage of this power at their fingertips. One simple but effective way to generate leads online is to build an e-mail list that could grow to hundreds or even thousands of subscribers!

4. Use “pull marketing” strategies.

“Pull Marketing” is a term I once heard when I first got into network marketing to describe a type of business model in which an MLM marketer uses psychological marketing techniques to target and recruit new people. These tactics include creating a recruiting method, such as an infomercial, a video, or an e-mail blast that “pulls” potential leads to a specific website or social media account. Copywriting on a website closes the sale for a prospect once they click through to the site.

People can also contact me if they have questions via email. I also have a chatbot on my MLM website to encourage people to ask questions about my products and training programs.

5. Write plenty of Value-based content explaining how to succeed in MLM.

buying mlm lead

You may want to think about ditching the replicated site your company provides you with in exchange for a blog. If you decide to create your own content your articles should use well-researched long-tail keywords th

at are likely to drive people to your website so they can read your content.

Just let your sales copy do the talking once visitors reach your website. Perhaps you want them to sign up for your program immediately, or you want them to join your email list, or you want them to contact you to get a direct answer to their questions.

Keyword software offer statistics for specific search terms that are often updated daily, giving you an instant insight into your most popular targets and areas for improvement. You can use this data to create targeted email campaigns to invite prospects to an upcoming event or promotion.

6. Invite people to a free sales presentation in a hotel conference room.

Home Business Meeting

Send out advertisements inviting people to a small conference you will hold at a hotel. Give people free training on how to increase their income when they come to the conference room you rented at the hotel. Believe it or not, these old-school marketing methods still work even though I get the majority of my customers online.

7. Improve the conversion process.

Become proficient at converting leads into customers if you want to be successful with MLM. You can accomplish this by sending your subscribers an invitation to join your free training program.

Another effective way to train your downline is by improving your communication with them and by training them via Zoom conference calls on what to say when they are talking to people who are interested in joining the MLM program.

In closing, I’d like to mention that lead generation is an important part of my MLM business. If you want to generate leads you need to explore different ways to motivate people to join your business, and if you’re interested in learning about how I personally generate leads for my MLM business, you can get access to my training for generating leads ONLINE.

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