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Income Producing Activities That Grow Your Network Marketing Business

MLM Income producing activities

Income producing activities that grow your business are the only activities home business should focus on in their first 90 days of business.  So, tell me have you been struggling to achieve your Network Marketing Business? Do you feel like no matter what efforts you put in, the results just aren’t there? Well, I’m here to tell you that success is within reach if you use the right income-producing activities.

That’s why I’ve compiled these 10 proven tactics to help grow your network marketing business in 90 days.

With sheer dedication and an organized plan of action, these strategic income producing activities in network marketing will jumpstart your journey toward building a bigger and better business.

From automating mundane tasks that save time, to applying creative ideas for lead generation–this blog post gives network marketers all they need to increase their revenues while boosting brand visibility! Let’s get started!

10 Income Producing Activities That Grow Your Network Marketing Business (in 90 days)


What Are “Not” Income Producing Activities in Network Marketing

Being busy and being productive are two very different things? Everyone is busy, but only some are working hard. You are going to retain your job if you do busy work.

However, if you run your own business, you’ll never be paid for doing busy work. You must put your attention on activities that generate income instead.

You need to understand how to work intelligently because your network marketing growth solely depends on your activities. There are only 24 hours a day, so you want to be sure you are spending it on activities that will advance your business and make you money.

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Let me begin by stating what is NOT an Income-producing activity:

  • Getting Coaching for your upline
  • Attending training every day
  • Watching YouTube videos
  • Reading MLM Books All the Time
  • Designing business cards
  • Spending time on Facebook
  • Picking colors for your website
  • Calling the same person too many times
  • THINKING about your business

These are just a few activities that keep you occupied yet DO NOTHING to increase your income as a network marketer. I don’t mean that these activities are not significant. I’m not saying that you should never do any of these things.

Remember that you should only engage in these “non-income producing activities” AFTER you’ve given enough concentration to the network marketing activities that generate income.

Money Making Activities in Network Marketing


What Are Income Producing Activities in Networking?

Your ability to locate, book, and impress clients is crucial to your network marketing growth. However, I noticed that most new network marketers often devote time to pursuits that have little bearing on their financial situation.

You should spend time on activities that will generate revenue for your business when you have limited time to work on the business.

As the name implies, an income-producing activity is a task or strategy intended to support your financial objectives while avoiding those tasks on your to-do list that just keep you busy.

The objective is to concentrate your time and effort on valuable things that will have a more immediate financial benefit when you have limited time.

Income producing activities in multi-level marketing

What exactly are Income producing activities in Network Marketing?

Below I listed some examples of important income-producing activities in network marketing:

  • Prospecting
  • Inviting
  • Presenting
  • Follow Up & Close
  • Launching New Distributors
  • Promoting Events
  • Retailing

These activities can enhance your financial status and lead to your network marketing success within your first 90 days.  Stick around and I will go into details on those subjects in just a moment.

Here are my top 10 Income Producing Activities to grow your Network Marketing Business in 90 Days:

#1–Grow Your List

The most lucrative income-producing activity in network marketing, which will boost your income massively, is growing your list daily.

It’s about more than just closing deals, recruiting new employees, or converting people every single day. Yes, that is a goal, but it also depends on how many talks you have and where you begin.

Technology has unquestionably been a blessing in terms of growing my list.  You can grow your list faster in 30 days thanks to social media via Facebook groups, Instagram, and hashtags and even tools like zoom that help to present to many people at once.

Call people daily in network marketing

#2–Call People Daily

If you aren’t letting people know you are in business, your network marketing growth is at stake.  It’s just like running a physical store.

If you don’t post an open-for-business sign on the door, customers won’t even know you have a business. You will cease to exist as a company.

Therefore, calling people should be an essential component of your daily method of operation. This is how you turn network marketing prospects into paying customers and business partners.

#3–Show People The Presentation

Your presentation’s introduction is vital to your network marketing success! A listener will decide if they will pay attention to you by the way you start your speech.  Show people your business presentation whenever you get the chance.

I have read so many network marketing success stories where top earners teach how to tell a captivating story, display a captivating image, or perform an entertaining act to captivate the audience immediately. ”

Income producing activities

Think! What does my audience want to know?

What about my topic would people find interesting? These are questions you should ask yourself before giving a presentation. Generate ideas and write them down to make a truly outstanding presentation.

Keep your presentation straightforward by concentrating on the main topics you want to get across. Focus on your message and stick to your main points.

Now, if you are shy and not ready for a leader move like this then use your company marketing tools.

Almost all network marketing companies have a video presentation that is used to explain the business or products and services so use it to promote your business.

Video presentations are one of several marketing tools to use during MLM prospecting.  It is important to show “the deal” to as many people as you possibly can.

This will ensure that have presenting the business to people that way you can honestly say that you have shown 100 people.

I have seen people try to explain their MLM business and don’t do a great job.  Where as a presentation whether it be via zoom or pre-recorded can do a far better job at explaining what you may not be knowledgeable about.

So, my suggestion to my team is to use that tool to answer the prospects question and what the video can not answer a 3-way call can. That leads to my next income producing activity in network marketing.

MLM 3 way call

#4-Set Up 3-way Calls

You should always appreciate the essence of 3-way calls. One of network marketers biggest mistakes is not taking advantage of doing 3-way calls.  You might be curious as to what 3-way Calls are. Keep calm; I will explain. Three-way calls are when you get one of your seasoned uplines to join you on the phone and complete a deal with a potential client.

When network marketers are new and unskilled and need support from someone who can inform their potential customers, third-party calls are most effective.

Three-way calls affirm the legitimacy of your company, products, and services, accelerating your network marketing success.

Generate leads using social media

#5–Use Social Media To Generate Leads

Using social media to generate MLM leads is one of the most profitable income-producing activities in network marketing. By joining the free training on my website, you can learn how to generate leads online on autopilot without paying for ads.

This free training will teach you several basic tricks, tactics, and strategies to acquire more likes, comments, engagement, shares, and hot prospects contacting you.

However, using social media to generate leads is wider than posting something about what you do with your products or services, results, or testimonials.

It also involves actively engaging your audience at regular intervals. All these activities contribute to your network marketing success in the long run.

Invite people in network marketing

#6–Invite People To Meetings

One of the most important business skills you can master is inviting. There are several meeting you can invite people to. It could be a sales presentation invitation, a video presentation, a webinar invitation, and so on.

You can invite people to join your list if the time isn’t appropriate for a sales presentation.  You can inquire about people’s interest in signing up for your newsletter, attending a coaching webinar, or receiving free training.

Invite someone to a sales presentation. Simply asking them to sign up for your email list can be enough to persuade them of the advantages of working with you in the future.

Follow up in your MLM

#7–Follow Up Daily

This may be one of the most difficult income-producing activities in network marketing. Do you know those customers who never respond to your inquiries or leave you hanging after you send them an invitation?

You never know when they could be prepared to say yes, so don’t write them off! OK!  You should follow up and stay in touch with them.

Although it might seem like a waste of time, don’t worry, it’s not. I’ve realized that some people need more time to make decisions.

I have personally seen leads convert to clients for my team or join up as mentoring clients after months or even years have gone by.

Can you believe that! The benefits of continuously following them up could pleasantly surprise you.
Set up a “keep in touch” system where you have a strategy for regularly getting in touch with people.

Make a sale in network marketing

#8–Make A Sale

Sales calls come next on my list of income-producing activities in network marketing. You can only make money if you are selling. That’s a fact.

Offering free consultations is the quickest and easiest way to accomplish this. It takes time and practice to become an effective salesperson.

Therefore, it is best to begin learning to do it as soon as possible.

#9–Sign Up A New Business Partner

Find a growth-oriented partner who will encourage your development and contribute immensely to your network marketing success.

Each of us goes through a process of change from the moment we are born till the moment we pass away.

MLM Business Partner

Sign up for a new business partner who can help you realize your goals. An organization’s vision expresses its aspirations for the future. When couples have different visions, it is simple for them to become demoralized, overburdened, and detached.

Four tasks are required to build and profit from a shared vision: developing the initial vision, turning that vision into a set of actions, communicating and persuading others to share the vision, and remaining faithful to the core of the vision when reality alters the plans.

The right business partner enables you to produce outcomes that would otherwise be impossible. You will better achieve true synergy by signing up a productive, devoted, and like-minded business partner.

network marketing on purpose

#10–Network On Purpose

You must focus on more than just networking as your only potential source of new clients as a network marketer. I’m referring to less time on networking because it becomes your only activity.

Don’t count on network marketing as a quick source of revenue for your business; you should select your strategies carefully as it is a long-term investment.

Instead of attempting to be everywhere and doing everything, focus on one single goal: networking on purpose! Trying to do everything at once will only lead to fatigue.

Income producing activities

Final Thoughts on Income Producing Activities in Network Marketing

You should devote at least 90% of your working hours to income-producing activities in network marketing. This will significantly impact your network marketing success.

For instance, if you run your firm for 10 hours per week, spend nine hours on tasks that will generate income and the final hour on other tasks.

Prioritize your tasks by starting with the most crucial ones and moving on to the less crucial ones later. Many network marketers deceive themselves.

Income Producing in Network Marketing

They work extra hours or spend all of their time thinking about their firm, and then they wonder why it isn’t expanding.

Avoid committing the same mistake. Spend your energy, resources, and time on activities that can help your company grow. Concentrate on network marketing initiatives that bring in revenue.

This is the best way to achieve network marketing success in your first 90 days as a network marketer.

Remember to check through my blog for more information on network marketing. You will discover ways to generate leads online on autopilot, which doesn’t require you to pay for ads.

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