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Canva Remove Background

How to remove a background in quit simple considering removing a background from an image can be quit challenging if you don’t have the right tool.  I have tried countless times using photoshop and Powerpoint. However, nothing compares to the background image remover that Canva PRO has to offers.

There are many reasons you may need to remove the background of an image. For Example, I create YouTube videos and eye catching thumbnails are very important. Without an awesome thumbnail to grab the viewers attention it’s very difficult to get views. So, I use Canva to craft all of my thumbnail designs and removing backgrounds from photo and using Canva design tricks helps my images standout.


Canva is a free tool however, there are some features that you can not access unless you upgrade to the paid version. Canva offers a feature that allows you to create a transparent background for your images. However, this feature is only with the paid version.

I’m going to show you how you can do this without paying for Canva Pro (previously Canva for work).

Don’t have Canva Pro! No Problem! I recently created a video on how to remove background in canva. I know I’m not the only one who has had a background they would like to remove.


STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: Alright, I think I have said enough. Let’s do it!!

Step 1. Login to your Canva Pro account

Create an account
In order to do this you must have Canva Pro which is a paid subscription. This is an upgrade to the free version.

Step 2. Open a blank template

Graphic Design
Depending on what you’re designing you should know the dimensions for you image, if not Canva has predesigned templates to fit just about any design your have.

Step 3. Upload your own image to Canva or choose from image library.

Step 4. Add the image to the templateTutorial

First, open a new page to work in with the selected picture you would like to use. Easily move it from the upload button to the empty page. Canva background remover is easy to use. Just click on the images and you will see a tab at the to called Elements. To the left you will see “Remove Background” Just click the button and wait for your new image to appear.

Step 5. Next click the Canva Eraser Tool AKA “Background Remover”

Background Remover
Now you can remove the background. Removing background images have never been made easier. It only takes one click.

Step 1. Click on the “effects tab” above the template

Step 2. Click Background remover and wait a few seconds

Voila, just like that your background image has disappeared’.

Canva Remove Background

6. Use the finished image to create your Final graphic
Obviously your removed background can be used for such projects as collages, flyers, blog graphics and even Youtube thumbnail. So, can remove just about any background on pictures for any project and this tool will get the job done.

Guys, today I want to walk you step by step how to remove background from on Canva for free. Now if you don’t have Canva PRO which is the paid subscription needed to have access to Canva eraser tool, then I want to show you a free background remover.

That’s right! You can still use Canva to create all your awesome designs. You may have to do an extra step. Let me introduce you to one of my favorite background removers called

This site helps in removing background from photos in just two easy steps. This was my secret tool when I used the basic Canva account. So, don’t worry if you can’t access Canva pro. Here is how you use bg remover.


If you have never heard of then I’m going to introduce this free tool to you. This creates transparent background for images. So, if you have an image that needs the background removed you can do it without using Canva paid feature, that is Canva Pro.

You are probably wondering if this tool is as good as Canva background Remover. In my opinion,  yes! I have used both and can give an honest comparison.  Here is the step by  step process for removing the background from an image.

First you should have created your image in Canva. Now upload the image you wish to choose.

As you can see below I chose an image for my YouTube thumbnails.  Here is the step by  step process for removing the background from an image.

Step #1- Create your image in Canva (if you do not already have one).

Step #2- Open up a new browser and go to click the upload image button.  In this step a window should open. Click on the image you downloaded from Canva so it can be uploaded to

Upload Canva Image

You  should now see your image appear without the background. The bgremover tool works instantly.  Click the download button to access your image.

Transparent background with Removebg

There are a couple other features that you will find useful such as the eraser tool. You can adjust the size of this and clean up any area on the image.  Also, there there is a restore tool so that you can restore any part of the image that was removed during the upload process.


Do you need to spice up your business with graphics that are eye catching. If you answered yes then I want to introduce to you my favorite graphic design tool called Canva.

If you don’t know anything About creating graphic designs that’s ok. Canva has you covered. I use Canva for all of my graphics from my blog to My YouTube Channel.

Canva is a user friendly non-tech to for people who basically don’t have any graphic design skills. So, if you are a newbie then go to and get started for free.

I love teaching new tips about how to use Canva.  So, if you are a newbie then go to and get started for free.

Remove Background on Canva


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