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How To Create The Best Email Strategy For Your Brand Marketing?

email marketing strategy

Having a good email strategy is very important for every business. Email is the most trusted way of connecting with your clients. I have always found email to be the most effective way of communication with my leads and I believe a good email strategy can help you turn your leads into regular clients.

Email marketing has been around for a while and with that there are many email marketing tips that can be found on the internet. It is famous for a good reason as it is the most direct way to communicate.

In this blog post, I will walk you through the process of creating your own email marketing so that you can accelerate your sales.

Before delving into the details let’s talk about what email marketing is.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that is very effective. I can guarantee you if you use effective email strategy then you can convert your prospects into loyal clients. By the end of this blog post you will know all there is to know about email marketing and email design.

I have shared all of my email marketing tricks that have helped me and will surely help you too.

Why Email Marketing?

I know you must be wondering why choose email marketing when there are so many other ways of marketing. Keep reading to find out.

I know many of you are thinking nobody likes to receive spam emails in their inbox then why opt for this strategy. Don’t worry I used to think that too!

The idea of a good email strategy is to not spam the prospects’ mailbox because that is a very bad strategy. A good email strategy is always successful in nurturing leads and turning them into customers.

There are so many reasons why email marketing and email design should be among your top priorities

Best mode of communication

By best mode of communication I mean, the best mode of communication in business. Research indicates that almost 90 percent of consumers check their email daily. This isn’t the same for any other communication platform.

You are in control

The thing that I like best about sending emails is that you are the one in control. There is no platform dictating what to post and what not to. You are your own boss and can design the email however you want plus there is no character limit!

Better returns

It has been shown that customers who buy through email end up spending a lot more money than the ones who buy through other channels. I am not exaggerating but the returns on investments through emails are 4400% which is HUGE!

Moreover the average order of value of an email is three times higher than that of any other channel. Like I said, email is the best.

Now that I have convinced you that this is what you should do, let’s talk about how to do it.

How to do email marketing successfully?

In case you don’t know how to get started with email marketing and build a good email strategy, let me tell you how you can do it.

Collecting leads

The first thing that you need to do is to start collecting your leads. A successful email strategy is always very organized. In order to stay organized, I would suggest you use OptinMonster. Using this, you can easily sort all your leads and you won’t even need an email marketing service.

After you have built your leads list you can successfully start reaching out to them as you store the list in your OptinMonster dashboard.

Email Service Provider

The next step is to add an email service provider. It is very important to choose the right email service provider to create a good email strategy. You should be able to set up some automation so that it makes things easier for you.

Choosing a Marketing Service

The next step in building a good email strategy is choosing an email marketing service. I know you must be thinking why not buy email lists instead so I will warn you that is not a good idea. You can choose Wix email marketing.

I advise all my clients against the idea of adding emails from people’s business cards that they hand out at conferences. The thing is that unless you have permission to send them your newsletters your emails will be marked as spam.

There is one thing that I always tell my clients, people who don’t opt-in for your list are never going to buy from you. Sending them emails is a waste of your time.

What you need is a good marketing service that helps you generate leads.

Segmenting your Email List

One of the most valuable email marketing tips I learnt is that in order to have an effective email list you need to have proper segmentation.

Email list segmentation is basically dividing your clients or subscribers into groups on a criterion. This will allow you to send personalized and relevant emails to them.

Rather than sending all types of emails to clients that may not find them relevant you can send the email to only those who you think are relevant. This will definitely give you better results.

I segment my subscribers as new subscribers, based on their location, their age group, responsiveness which allows me to send relevant emails.

Here is a tip for my readers. Create a contact form to get information about your leads. This way you can add them to different categories based on what they fill out on the form. This will help you send them targeted emails.

One problem that everyone struggles with is improving the email open rates. Don’t worry you have come to the right place.

How to improve email open rates?

Imagine that you put so much hard work in developing a good email strategy but nobody ends up opening that email. You won’t be able to benefit from any of the hard work if your email doesn’t get opened.

There are many reasons why your email doesn’t get opened. I have broken them down for you.

Spam Filters

This is the most talked about problem and the first thing that comes to one’s mind. If your email is not being opened, there is a high chance it is in your subscriber’s spam folder. The good news is that if you have chosen and email service provider then you are in a good position.

Here are some of my email marketing tips so that your emails don’t fall into spam folders:

  • I can’t stress on this enough: make sure all of your recipients have already opted to receive your emails. This is one of the most common reasons why your email ends up in spam.
  • Always send your emails from a good IP address which hasn’t been linked to any spam emails in the past.
  • Send emails through those domains that are verified.
  • Always keep a clean email template.
  • Include an easy way for your subscribers to opt-out.
  • Avoid words that trigger spam such as discount, clearance or buy.
  • Include your location.

Remove inactive subscribers

It is very important to always keep your subscribers list updated. This means that you keep a record of all inactive subscribers and remove them from your list.

There are many reasons why people do that. One reason can be that they are not using their email address anymore. Another reason could be that they are not interested in your brand anymore.

In order to keep my list fresh and engaged with subscribers I periodically remove the inactive subscribers. The rule that I generally follow to do this is that I check for all those subscribers who have not engaged with my email for past six months or more.

Before I remove them I try sending one last email and if I don’t get any response from them in a few days then I remove them permanently.

Another good email strategy of best newsletters is that they stay in touch with their subscribers by asking them if they need more information or what are their preferences. This way they will know that you are listening to them.

Choose the right timing

In order to do business successfully, your timing has to be right. You can check and research on your own to find out what timing would suit your subscribers. You can then always send out emails at those times to maximize engagement.

Studies have shown that Tuesdays have highest engagement and this way you can design your campaign around that time.

I am sure my email marketing tips have helped you understand and design the best email strategy for your email marketing campaign. If you follow these rules, you will definitely see a rise in engagement and sales. Happy marketing!

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