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Network Marketing Tips

How To Approach and Invite Prospects To Watch Your MLM Presentation

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To become a successful Network Marketer, you must learn how to approach and invite prospects to watch your MLM presentation. The ability to effectively invite individuals to your online or offline meetings, webinars, programs, or industry events is one of the most important high-income skills nowadays.

The top 1% of earners in the industry of Network Marketing/Multi Level Marketing are all experts in it.

In order to succeed in network marketing, you must do more than just prospect or sell. It is a procedure. It is a comprehensive process that includes growing your list, closing the deal, and activating your network marketing prospects.

Are your network marketing prospects canceling on you despite the fact that you have an appointment? In this article, I’m going to offer the best network marketing invite tips I’ve discovered on how to approach and invite prospects to watch your MLM presentation and how to boost the number of individuals who actually show up.

Maybe you’ve been using the internet for a while, or you’re just getting started, but you haven’t found what you were looking for.

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What Is An Invite?

An invite is a form of awareness that lets people know you are in business and also informs people about what your business is all about.
The first thing any MLM business person must do is to “learn how to invite people to your opportunity”.

Inviting someone to join your network marketing business is a way to approach or get in touch with prospects. The most important ability you need to master is invitation. An Invite resembles the process of planting seeds.

It’s definitely not your intention for every seed to grow into a massive oak tree. Your objective is to disperse the seeds; some will be carried away by the wind, some will be eaten by birds, some will sprout, and ultimately some will develop into enormous oak trees.

What It Is Not?

I want you to understand VERY clearly what an invitation is NOT. An “Invite” is NOT a formal invitation. Your prospects are NOT being “persuaded” by the invite to sign up or purchase anything. An invitation does not include a formal business presentation.

Do not do a presentation during the invite. Many people make this mistake. This is not a time to explain your business.

Most network marketers approach sales wrongly. One of the common mistakes that nearly every marketer makes is trying to recruit people to join their business forcefully and immediately. This sets them up for failure.

Most network marketers become overly forceful and desperate and, in turn, lose their prospects. As a result of their pushy approach, not only will their contacts reject them, but they will also lose all hope for future fruitful follow-ups.

How To Approach and Properly Invite Prospects

The way you approach and invite a prospect will determine their response. There are two types of prospects: cold and warm prospects. Your network marketing invitation approach is different for both.

You might be wondering, how should I approach my cold and warm prospects. What’s the best way to invite them to my business? Don’t worry! I’ll deal with that shortly!

All network marketing businesses have a warm market as well as a cold market. For each one, your invitation will be completely distinct.

I advise you to simply invite them to come out and see what you are doing in your warm market. Be honest; explain the situation to them. Describe a few of your products and your company’s advantages to them.

You can employ this strategy with your warm market because they are familiar with you. If they say no, accept it. Not everyone will be on your side, and one person won’t make or destroy your company.

That will be somewhat different in your cold market. Asking inquiries and refraining from making a sales presentation while in the prospecting stage are the most important factors here. Never even mention the brand name of the business.

Allowing your network marketing tools to do the work is the one piece of advice I’ll give you regarding both your warm and cold markets. What am I trying to say? Allow your company’s DVD or web presentation to handle all the explanations.

How to Invite Your Prospects to Look at Your Opportunity

If you are inviting your prospect over the phone, follow the tips below. These tips are for inviting someone to a Zoom meeting or to watch a video presentation.

1. Invite using your mobile phone

First-time invite should be a direct phone call. Get your network marketing prospect on the phone and politely invite them to your presentation.

2. Don’t talk about unnecessary stuff while inviting

Don’t beat around the bush. Always go straight to the point. Don’t ask about the weather or their dog. That is way too casual. It is a business call, and you should only delve into discussions that are related to your business.

3. Be excited at all times

Most of your network marketing prospects will likely return the energy you give them. If you want your prospect excited, you must be excited about your opportunity.

4. Peak curiosity

Don’t say too much but don’t say too little.  Find a happy medium.  The only way to do this is to know more about your business. Dispense enough knowledge to persuade your prospects to accept your invitation within a short time.

5. Invite between 24-48 hours

Always invite your prospect within 24-48 hours after you’ve spoken to them. Your invite will be fresh in their mind within this time frame.  Any time later than that, they will forget about your invitation.

6. Always give a time choice that fits your schedule

This is your business, so the hours have to fit your convenience, not theirs. Give them several options. For instance, What time works best for you on Tuesday at 5 or 6 pm?

7. Have a little posture

What does it mean to have posture? Carry yourself with confidence. People will respect you when you know what you are and what you represent. People can always sense gaps in your knowledge when you don’t talk confidently.

8. Confirm the Appointment

During the call, confirm the appointment out loud and state that it is being added to your calendar; that way, your prospect is being held responsible for showing up.

9. Give a Reminder Call

Remember to put a reminder call through to your prospects. This should be done on D-day or no more than 3 hours prior to the presentation.

10. Utilize 3-way calls

When calling potential business partners after they have attended the presentation. Be prepared to do a 3-way call. Use a senior partner who has experience in your business to hop on the call with you. If you want a higher closing rate, this is the way to do it. Let your upline do all the talking. This will boost your prospect’s confidence in your network marketing business.

Final Thoughts on How To Approach and Invite Prospects To Watch Your MLM Presentation

An invitation is not a science but rather an art form that any motivated network marketer may work to perfect. Make sure to explain to your prospect that there is no obligation to meet with you when you send them an invitation.

Make them believe that their attendance at the meeting won’t have any impact on your connection with them. By communicating this, you will take some of the weight off them and ensure that your invitation is unconditional and effective.

Employ all the strategies listed in this post to take your multilevel marketing to a new level. I am rooting for you because I believe you can do it. Go ahead and smash your business goals! Cheers to successful years ahead!

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