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How To Generate Life Insurance Leads Online – Primerica Home Business Tips

Generate insurance leads online

How to Generate Life Insurance Leads Online

Life insurance leads are the life blood for any agent or Primerica representative.  Leads ensure that you have potential  customers who want to buy your product.

It’s safe to say that without a steady flow of life insurance leads I can guarantee you that your business will not survive for very long.

Let me guess, you are probably reading this because you If you are not generating insurance leads for your business then you could be looking at a brick wall very soon.


produce your own exclusive life insurance leads


There are other routes for you to pursue like buying insurance leads however I certainly don’t recommend that.  They may be tempting because it seems like a quick fix to your problem but it’s not.

There are many reasons why you should not buy leads for your business instead learn to generate exclusive life insurance leads that actually want your products.

Today, you will learn how to generate life insurance leads for Primerica.  This lead generation strategy that I will show you will help get more customers, sales and sign ups.

They that will be reaching out to you verses you hunting people down to purchase your products and partner in your business.

If you are not familiar with internet marketing then I will explain how top earners in network marketing companies are using the internet to get customers, build their brand and a massive email list.

Before we get started there are somethings I want you to avoid when generating life insurance leads online.

Should You Buy Life Insurance Leads or Generate Your Own?

I know it may be tempting to buy leads online from lead generating companies who make promises on your returns however there are some pitfalls to buying life insurance leads.  Here are a few that you may heard of.

1. Most are curious

Most leads that are captured online are generated at the spur of the moment.  What this means is that when people are online searching and they come across an ad for life insurance there are many reasons why they are curious to receive information.

Maybe they are about how expensive it would be to purchase life insurance or maybe they want to purchase for a spouse or family member.

Either way, curiosity will bring in leads however the million dollar question is will they bring in sales.

2. They are NOT fresh leads

Yes, I know what you are about to say.  The lead generating company that you are interested in promises “real-time leads”.

Well, that’s what they say.  It is important to have fresh leads that have not been sold to hundreds of people and being pitched and sold to over and over again.

When you have used leads your chances of converting them into a paying customer decreases quickly leaving you frustrated and BROKE!  And you don’t want that, right?

3. They don’t know you

Ok! this is by far the most important reason why you should not buy life insurance leads.  People seldom ever buy from strangers.

Did you know that some of the most successful businesses are built from referral business.  This is why relationship building is extremely important if you want long lasting customers.

People tend to buy from those who they know, like and trust.

So, if you are buying leads online don’t expect a very high conversion rate.  Often times it takes at least 7 attempts to make a connection before you make a sale.


should you buy life insurance leads

(Image Source: TheAdvisorCoach)


These are just a few reasons why you should skip the idea of purchasing leads.

Instead of going this route I highly suggest that you learn how to market your business online.

Online businesses are the new store fronts to those mom and pop shops back in the day.

The advantages of building a business online
1. You can reach people faster
2. You can make more money faster.
3. You can start a cheaper business

So, instead of selling to your neighbors and friends around the corner.  You can have customers and different states without leaving your home.

Are you curious how to do this.  Well, it all boils down to generating your own leads instead of buying them online.

Generating leads online is a skill and it can be learned.  Once you understand the basics to marketing your business online you begin to build a brand and a following of people who trust you.

Want to learn how to get more leads and sales online.

Access this exclusive training

The Benefits to Producing Insurance Leads Using the internet

There are 3 important benefits to producing insurance leads and I can tell you when you learn how to build your own traffic source you will be forever grateful.  You can generate leads through paid traffic or free traffic.  I like to teach the free method in the beginning.  However, as time goes on and you want to scale your business you will have to start using paid traffic as a means to growing your business.

3 Important benefits to producing leads online
1.  You can automate your lead generation strategy
2. Target specific people
3.  Utilize online platforms to grow a following


insurance leads needed for new customers


Tips To Get Exclusive Life Insurance Leads Using The Internet

Here is the most important tip that will help you get customers reaching out to you on a daily basis.  If you want to grow a profitable business selling insurance then you need to implement this next step.

Learn how to do internet marketing online 

Are you stuck in your insurance business not knowing where you are going to find your next customer.  It can be very frustrating constantly looking for the next sale.  I know all about begging family and friends to buy product and services.

However, that can get very tiring and you have to find new ways to get life insurance leads.  The best marketing tool on the plant is the internet.  Start learning how to use the internet to build your business.

Billions of people search the internet daily looking for your service and the only reason why you don’t know who they are is because you are not using the internet market your business and reach more people.

Internet marketing has become the new way of connection with people across the globe.

The days of running radio ads, T.V. commercials and newspaper advertising is a thing of the past.  More and more people are using digital marketing to reach people thousands of miles away.


generate life insurance leads globally


So, why should you learn internet marketing.  Here are two of my favorite reasons

1. Reach People Globally
One of the most important advantages to using the internet for business is the ability to connect with people all around the world.

Think about all of those mom and pop shops that relied on getting business from their backyard.  They were limited to building a customer base only in their neighborhood.

Not any more.

You can use the internet to reach more people ultimately making more revenue for your business.

So, can you now see why it is so important to learn how to build your business using the internet

2. It’s Cheaper
Digital marketing has made it a lot easier to build your business online.  There are so many ways to expose your business to people with the help of the internet.

Some of these marketing methods you many have never heard of however, you may find that some of them can be useful to you.  Here are just a few that you can start with.


ways to market your business online


10 Ways to Market Your Business Online

1. Media Marketing (SMM)
2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
4. Email Marketing
5. Content Marketing (Websites)
6. Video Marketing
7. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
8. Paid Marketing
9. Instant Messaging Marketing
10. Radio Marketing

And the list goes on and  on.  Most of these marketing methods are absolutely free and require your knowledge to get started.

With a little bit of internet marketing training these different marketing methods can take your business to the next level.


Learn How to Use Attraction Marketing for Primerica

Just like the different marketing strategies mentioned above all can help you build strong brands and a customer base.  However, none can compare to the marketing strategy I’m about to mention.

This strategy has been proven to build credibility and trust.  This is the same strategy that I use when creating YouTube videos and I have gotten amazing results.

It’s called Attraction Marketing and it is important that you learn how to use it to get more customers.

To put it simply, instead of pitching your business on social media platforms or spamming people about your products start providing value.  Learn what problems your ideal customer has and provide a solution to those problems.

I like video marketing so I chose to create YouTube video giving tips and strategies on how to generate  leads using the internet.

You can do the same and you will see that when you focus on giving away valuable advice you will attract people to you.

Learning the attraction marketing method is crucial especially if you don’t have a marketing budget.  This can literally be done using free online platforms such as social media sites, YouTube, blogging podcasting and many others.

Before I go any further let me emphasize that the biggest mistake that most online marketers mistake is that they focus on the sale in stead of building relationships.

In a moment I’m going to tell you why they don’t make any money doing this.  Below is I have listed the three steps to successfully market online So, here they are in order.


build your audience online


Build your audience daily

This is the first step that you must concentrate on before you can think about making sales.

The key to generating leads online is to build your audience first.  How can you make any sales if people don’t know your in business.

You must attract people to you who see you as an authority and as you do this you will build an audience of raving fans who want what you have to offer.

Engage your audience

The second step to generating leads online is to engage your audience.   Now, of course your audience is people who are likely to be your ideal customer.

They find your content to be extremely valuable so they follow you on social media, YouTube, your website or podcast.  They even sign up for your email list.

But to keep them coming you must engage with your audience.  That means you have to interact with them and build a relationship with them.

On Facebook engaging with your audience could be responding to questions that people ask on your page.  Or engaging in a conversation with people who leave comments or Like your post.

Without engagement people will lose interest in you and your business.

Sell to your audience

This is the step that everyone wants to get to and it is making the sale.  The biggest mistake that most people make when building their business online is “going for the sale”.

So, there it is.  All three steps.  Now here’s the most important part about marketing this way.

Every step must be completed and you must do them in the order listed above.  If you follow this three step formula you will see results with generating insurance leads online.

The reason why I know this is because of testimonies from close friends who use these exact steps to build their business.

Now you know this is the formula you need to replicate, in the order listed above without missing a step and you do all three steps.

If you have partnered with a a network marketing company like Primerica, which offers life insurance as one of many products than continue reading because I am giving a step by step strategy on how to generate life insurance leads for Primerica.


effective ways to generate exclusive life insurance leads

Effective Ways to Generate Exclusive Life Insurance Leads Online

One of the biggest problems for Insurance companies is consistently generating life insurance leads that convert to sales.  I would say that all businesses deal with the issue of generating leads.  Leads are the life blood to any business, right?

Leads lead to customers and customers leads to a sale.  There are many ways to get more potential customers for your business however it is a matter of boiling it down to what method is best to use.

I don’t want you to think that online marketing will replace relationship building so below I listed different ways to generate insurance leads using the internet.  And yes, it is possible with the right marketing tools and online strategy.

1. Create a Website
2. Use Facebook Groups
3. Use Video Marketing

There are many more way to generate leads.  Let’s talk about generating leads for Primerica home business.


Best Strategy To Get Life Insurance Leads For Primerica Home Business

What is Primerica?

Primerica is well established multi-level marketing company that has been around for a very long time.  Primerica has been know to sell life insurance and other financial products.

Just like other network marketing companies people join every single day with the intention of creating residual income.  But little do they know that it can be tough to do without a marketing plan.

If you just joined Primerica or looking to join than I will take you through a few typical “getting started steps” that network marketing companies follow.

First let me address the traditional route for starting your business that is usually followed.

The Traditional Network Marketing Strategy

The traditional route for promoting any network marketing business tends to follow a certain pattern.
To make this easy to follow I created a list below of the steps that new distributors go through to get started in the business.

In network marketing companies you cannot join on your own.  You must have a sponsor.

This person introduces you to the company and helps to get you start.  Below is the typical strategy used to help people make their first sales.

1. First you are told to create “A List” of everyone that you know.  At least 100 people friends and family
2. Call all of those people and invite them to a “weekly call” or Zoom presentation” to expose them to your business
3. Follow up with your potential customer and making the sale or business partner

In a perfect world all three steps would take place however this is a business so it will not be that easy. All of this sounds smooth sailing but it almost never goes this route.

There are a series of No’s and then don’t let me forget about bugging friends and family to buy from you even if they say no thank you.

It sucks right? I get it.

Home business owners face huge issues when building their business. A lack of leads for potential customers often times leads them to quitting altogether.

The problem with this traditional route is that you rely heavily your warm marketing list to get new customers.  It is at this step where you will need to learn how to get insurance leads for your Business.

Let me breakdown the biggest problem in any home based business.

Number one problem in network marketing


#1 Problem Network Marketers Face

If you are partnered with a life insurance MLM company than chances are you have found yourself struggling to generate life insurance leads.  I know what you are thinking.

How hard can this be right?  Everyone needs needs your service but you have run out of your warm market.  That’s right, I said it!

This is the number one reason why so many distributors quit their business.  The number one problem that network marketers face is running out of people to talk to.

Now, you and I know that is not really possible.  Of course, there are plenty of people around everyday to talk to however, you need to network with people that you don’t know.

To rely solely on your list and never growing that list by adding new potential customers daily is “death to your business”.  Regardless if  I will show you how to attract cold marketing leads in just a second.

Primerica Life Insurance Strategy To Get New Customers and Business Partners

If you are tired of the traditional route of building your business then stick around because I will show you how to generate MLM insurance leads online for you business.

Now that you understand attraction marketing and how you can use it in your business now I will show you how you can generate life insurance leads online for Primerica.

I have been generating my own network marketing leads for quit some time and now I want to share with you how I did it.  Keep in mind you need an online strategy.



My MLM Online Strategy

If you want to get more leads, sales and sign-up for your business than you need to understand how to give value instead of pitching and selling your business.

Think of how you can provide people with valuable information to attract them to you.  In the internet space you need to decide where you want to promote your business in order to provide people with value.

Choose a Traffic Source
You can choose from different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok etc.  Or maybe you love to to write and starting a blog will help you generate leads.  All of those platforms will help you to get traffic.

Promote You and Not Your Company
What’s most important is that when you market you want to marketing yourself and not your company and you want to targeted traffic.

Not every one is interest in your products or services so you need to know what your ideal customer wants and needs.

Use Done for You Products
I’m sure by now you are wondering how you can implement all of these strategies without the right tools.

Well, luckily for us entrepreneurs who promote our business online we don’t have to create our own marketing products.  There are plenty of companies that offer done for you products that help you grow an online business.

You don’t have to create all of your marketing materials and promote them as well.  So, remember when I talked you about attraction marketing, capturing leads and building an email list.

Instead of spending countless hours creating your own offers, capture pages, trainings and giveaways it’s wise to get these type of marketing tools elsewhere to do the heavy lifting for you.

build relationships in your business

Build a Relationship

How do you build a relationship with people that you don’t know and that you don’t talk to everyday.  Easy! I can you in two simple words, Email Marketing.

Building a list is powerful and it is one of the assets that you own helping you to monetize your business.  Let me breakdown the real purpose of an email list.

By now you should have a free offer or giveaway for potential customer.   When you promote this offer and they give their content information (email address, name) in exchange for receiving this information that particular person has just been place on your email list.

Now, list up because what I am going to tell you next is simple yet powerful.

The people signing up for this email list are giving you permission to contact them otherwise they would never give their information to begin with.

At this point you must start to nurture your list.  Sending weekly emails out to your list will help you build a relationship with your list.  You must continue to feed them the same valuable information they sought you out for from the beginning.

By educating your list and helping to solve their problems with solutions they will begin to trust you over time.  And let me tell you it takes time to build trust.

The relationship you build overtime will create that know, like and trust factor that ultimately leads to a sale.  Have you ever heard that people do business with people that they trust.

So, trust comes from the follow up process after people have opted into your list. Now, let dive into how to follow up with your potential customer.

Follow Up with Potential Customers

There is a way to follow with potential customers or business partners without having to end out individual emails.  You can send out bulk emails to and entire list of people at one time with just a click of a button.

Not sure what I’m talking about.   Well, you can use an autoresponder to follow up automatically with everyone on that list.  Autoresponders can be found in just about any email marketing tool.

I twill allow you to push out content to a mass amount of people at a time.  You must have a plan laid out if you plan to use automation tools to help you run your businesses effortlessly.

So, how to you follow up with your list.   Well, you can create simple emails informing and teaching you list.

If you are not using an email autoresponder then use the information that you collected to make phone calls to the people on your list.

This is a great follow up process that seems to be missing from replicated sites often giving to new Primerica distributors.  That’s the downfall to using a replicated site in network marketing.

You lack the ability to generate MLM leads and follow up with potential customers.


how to get life insurance leads online

Final thoughts about exclusive life insurance leads

To sum it all up, without a steady flow of potential customers looking to buy your products or services you will find yourself going the easy way out and purchasing leads.

However, with a little knowledge and willingness to learn how to build a presence online you can generate your own leads using various platforms.

If you are looking for the right tools to help you achieve this goal then you are in the right place.

I learned how to attract people to me and this is how I began to generate leads for my home business.  And I want to teach you how to do the same.

Now that you know how important it is to generate life insurance leads for your business what are you going to do next?

Ready to learn how to attract the ideal customer so you can get more leads, sales and sign-up.

Other Resources on To take your online business to the next level starting now.



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