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Earn Money By Hosting Guests Through Short Term Rentals!

Traveling around the world is probably on everyone’s bucket list these days and whenever we get a chance to move around a visit to a new place, city or country we always utilize the opportunity. Although these are certain best sites for short term rentals and other websites for cheap tickets that have made traveling comparatively easier and affordable, there are still a lot of issues that one might face when they start traveling. 

Due to an increasing trend in traveling around the world in these times and growing influence of safer accommodation and renting websites like Airbnb, people who have extra space available in their house often wonder how to start renting on Airbnb? This article is meant to help all those individuals by exploring the best sites for short term rentals. This will guide you through the process and answer every question regarding how to start Airbnb online business. This is all that you have to know.

Decide how much space you want to rent

First of all, you have to decide how much space you can rent. The options for renting start from a whole furnished house to a single couch in your living room. Although renting a couch is not something that comes under the domain of Airbnb but since people want to travel on a budget, they will be willing to pay you some money to give them a roof over their heads at night.

What do the best sites for short term rentals feature?

Some of the best sites for short term rentals feature rooms of all sizes and capacity. If you have a private room in your house available for rent, this is enough to start hosting guests through Airbnb. The first thing to keep in mind is that when you say you will give a private room it means you have to give the guest all the privacy that you promised.

Note down all the details that your client should know, keeping yourself open, real and honest might reduce the number of guests who choose your place in the start but the secret to get successful using booking sites like Airbnb is to give what you promised and get a good rating from your guests.

Leave an amazing first impression – Photos

No matter how good a host you are and how many blogs you have read about how to start an Airbnb management business, if you are unable to present it to the potential guests on site that you are the best place for them, you might as well stop trying at all. Best sites for short term rentals are always supportive of the hosts who have good pictures of their property uploaded since it gives the guests a visual representation of what they are going to get.

What to start off with?

If possible, start off by redecorating your room or whatever place you have chosen for renting. Keep it clean and simple, this is the key. You don’t have to buy chandeliers obviously, but good lighting makes a huge difference. Goof and clean bedsheets, good paint on walls and working clean toilets are all the people ask for. Look for inspiration on some best sites for short term rentals and you will get an idea of what people like the most. 

Try to give your guests an experience that is better than Airbnb. And to make sure they believe you, take good pictures of the property, add at least 7 8 good pictures that give your guest an idea about the community that you live in and all the things they can enjoy during their stay. Obviously, you need a good camera for that, it’s a prerequisite and there is no negotiating about that.

Figure out renting laws and regulations in your area

People who play safe can easily avoid trouble and this is why we recommend all the people willing to start renting their property to familiarize themselves with all the rules and regulations regarding renting of property. We know that you might think to choose a lesser-known website will keep you off the records but the best sites for short term rentals are never off the hook.

Before you get started, take notes; decide how you are going to keep a record of all the activities and how the law is going to interfere with your business. In this way you can help your potential guests understand the pros and cons of renting your property clearly and once again, trust can take you a long way. 

Look for the best sites for short term rentals

Now, this is yet another job. Renting business is very profitable and there are many competitors around you. This means you have to increase your reach no matter which of the best sites for short term rentals you are using. The one on the top of the list is Airbnb. It is well known around the world and most people will choose to find properties through this website. Another website that is better than Airbnb is “”. It also attracts people from around the world.

What other options are available as sites for short term rentals?

After that, there are certain local websites that will help you in finding more local guests. These are more important to take over. Obviously, we cannot pinpoint each and every one of the local websites for people wondering how to start Airbnb online business but here are some of the most common and famous websites used by people around the world and they are a perfect fit for your search of best sites for short term rentals.

best sites for short term rentals

Build your profile

To make the process familiar for you, we have compiled a list of all the things you have to do when you are starting a business on short term renting websites. These are the specifics for Airbnb but the things are almost similar for other best sites for short term rentals. Here you will understand how to start an Airbnb management business if you do not own the property yourself. Follow these simple steps and make your own Airbnb profile and start earning.

Add honest and detailed information

I know, I have already said this lot of times but I am repeating it again. Honesty is the key. Once any of your guests find out any of your bluffs, your business will take a lot of time to gain a good reputation again. When you start making your Airbnb host profile, do not lie or bluff, keep it real because people are looking for all kinds of property and an honest property host with lesser services is much more valuable than the one who lies and makes people regret choosing him.

The second part of making a profile on booking sites like Airbnb is to provide details. People need clarity, less information makes them confused since many of their concerns go unanswered. The best way to build trust is by providing details, explaining things and this will make more people get attracted to your property. 

Compare and set a price

Setting a price is not just a task, it is an art. You have to make sure that you are earning enough profits while keeping in mind that the competition is high. A trade-off has to be made between earning more from a lesser number of guests or getting more guests at a cheaper price. The tradeoff is hard to make especially when someone is getting started with booking sites like Airbnb but you can still do it.

Take out some time, sit down and look for properties around your area or around your city. Read carefully all the features that these places are providing. Narrow down the properties that are similar to yours and they have similar services available as the ones in your property.

This is your first creative assessment during your journey understanding how to start a home-sharing management company. After you have a list of similar properties, you can look at the reviews and set the price according to the most popular options out of your selection.

Allow your potential guests to communicate with you

No matter how successful technology becomes, nothing can ever beat the importance of having a man to man conversations. The best sites for short term rentals provide this communication option almost all the time. Make sure to enable it and welcome the queries of potential guests with open arms. Not only you have to welcome the queries but also you have to be responsive enough that your customers get their answers in time before they start considering something else.

Keep your phone with you all the time and try not to put it on silent while your notifications for the renting apps and websites should be on all the time. Answer politely, be welcoming and this will do half the work for you.

Set a cancellation policy

People cancel their bookings all the time. I understand that at times you get annoyed by people reserving a good and potentially profitable date and then suddenly backing out. This will cost you some money that you would have made if that place was available for someone else to book. This is where the importance of cancellation policies comes.

You have to be gentle enough that people are not scared to lose a lot of money just in case they have to cancel but at the same time, you should get at least something if someone cancels on you at the eleventh hour. You can make very detailed cancellation policies as well where the rates with change according to the timing of the cancellation. Think and decide very carefully.

Try to reach the superhost ranking

You made a profile, you are getting the guests and have started earning, is your work done here? Well of course not. You have to target the superhost status that will boost your business dramatically. It takes effort, time and patience but it is worth it because people tend to choose the super hosts more than the others. It comes with a guarantee from the website itself and the previous guests.

All the best sites for short term rentals have such ratings available that give you a good status and standing in the online renting community.

Hire professional management resources

Managing an Airbnb property is not an easy task. You have to take care of so many things that if you try to do it all by yourself you are definitely going to get tired.

While renting a small area, managing it is not that much of a big deal, but if you are renting the whole apartment, you have to get a good Airbnb management company that will take care of all the management related things including cleaning of your property after a guest leaves.

If you are hiring a company you can easily add charges of management and cleaning separately so that the guests who stay for a longer period can get some relaxation.


All in all, it is easy to start an online renting business on many of the best sites for short term rentals if you take calculated steps and keep important things in mind. Always prioritize your guests and their needs and try to build relationships rather than focusing on earning many by hook or by crook. This will give you more profit and success in the longer run.

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